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Luseta|One’s Healing Time


A niche professional washing and care brand, this is the first time to understand and try this brand! Overall the experience is good~ the taste is also very pleasant! Not much else, let’s just mark the key point, Luseta’s main focus is that the ingredients are very natural and healthy!

First of all, the packaging gives a full mark! The girl’s heart burst into pink and tender hard shell box with compartments to allow four bottles to be perfectly fixed in position, and there are four product introductions inside the box, very intimate! This box can be used as storage in the future, and it is also very cute


The ingredient of rose essential oil is very aromatic and has antibacterial, purifying and moisturizing effects at the same time!

The rose gift box includes:

1. Rose essential oil shampoo

2. Rose essential oil conditioner

I tried these two styles when I washed my hair the day before yesterday! The smell of roses is really something I cannot refuse, it smells super good! And I also like to buy a set of shampoos~ I wrote it down today because I have oily scalp, and my hair is not very oily after two days of washing, which is not bad! Hair will be fluffy and comfortable just after washing

This set of theirs is also the main focus of moisturizing, reducing dandruff, and keeping hair soft.

3. Rose essential oil shower gel

The smell of the shower gel is also very good. It works normally when used~ It is not sticky, and it will not feel particularly dry after washing, but I still have the habit of rubbing body lotion after washing the fragrance~ bbs, it’s best to use it in winter Pay attention to maintenance!

4. Double-effect rose essential oil for skin care and hair care

This rose oil can be used for both purposes. Both hair and body can be used to moisturize. I don’t like to use body oil. It has nothing to do with the brand. It is purely a personal preference, so I use it as hair oil. See the results, it is recommended to apply to the ends of the hair after washing the hair slightly dry! It can strengthen moisturizing and brighten your hair!

This brand is very deliberate, this essential oil is also equipped with a nozzle for spraying on the body


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