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New procurement platform for brands and custom swimwear manufacturers

Visit and audit the performance and applicability of the people in the supplycompass network.


A new procurement platform designed by brand and proven custom swimwear manufacturers matching, simplify the procurement process, and provides a central online center provides all the tools of production, and to ensure that the entire process is transparent and integrity.

Based in the UK and India, Supplycompass was founded two British engineer, John Wilson and Gus Bartholomew, to the traditional procurement methods of trust and lack of transparency, the quality is fundamentally limited by the interaction between brands and suppliers.

The buyer and supplier are often cultural and language barriers in different countries, and by the time and money pressures, which makes this challenge more complex, all of which make it difficult to open the way for effective communication.

The structure of their solutions in three core principles will be trust and transparency: with appropriate suppliers, personalized production processes, and provide a central platform.

It has teamed up with casual wear, sportswear, swimwear, casual wear, and children’s clothing factories in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and europe.

Principle 1: cooperate with the right suppliers

Wilson and Bartholomew realized that selective work, only proven, experienced suppliers, who has been responsible for increasing the likelihood of brand production experience.

To this end, in the supplycompass network manufacturers visited and audited, in the performance and applicability of the people are selected. Monitor ethical, environmental and quality standards, certifications and labels are externally validated.

In addition, cooperative vendors must adhere to an integrated supplycompass code address hotspot that behaves.

Principle two: individualized production process

Closing the distance between buyers and suppliers is a prerequisite for establishing a durable purchasing partnership. In order to achieve this goal, the platform uses video, photos, interviews and data management individual swimwear manufacturer profiles, provides a deep insight into the brand and buyers of their supply chain, while increasing procurement transparency.

In the personalized procurement process, Supplycompass will know the needs and brands of both sides and custom swimwear manufacturers hope, and will this knowledge, for those suited to each other. The founder said that this personal relationship builds trust and generates considerable time savings.

Principle three: provide a central platform

Many custom swimwear manufacturers and suppliers, and even industry leaders, have gone through outdated Web systems or completely offline operations. This, in turn, leads to confusion between brands and buyers, and in their approach, it is not possible to determine which information is needed to obtain estimates or the production capacity really exists. By providing a central online platform to facilitate the entire procurement process, Supplycompass enables the brand to create accurate technical packages, modify specifications, track progress, and communicate effectively in the process.

Ultimately, the interaction between them helps centralized purchasing and suppliers adjust their expectations and increase productivity.

Brands can access their online platforms free of charge and pay for the orders placed on the platform. Manufacturers pay annual net fees as a return of new business.


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