How To Wear This Summer’s Most Popular Color: Rainbow

Meta Description: It’s finally summer and the newest trend this season is all about the rainbow! Rainbow colors and designs have found their way into the fashion world and are dominating the world as we speak! Here are tips on how you can wear this style the fashionista-way.

1. Pair It With Something Monochromatic

Here’s where your mix-and-match skills shall come into play. If you’re planning on donning a rainbow-colored top, pair it with monochrome bottoms. The latter will act as a balancer against ultra-loud technicolor prints.

Likewise, the same goes the other way around. In case you choose to wear a rainbow skirt, then match it with a monochrome blouse or shirt.

2. De-Accessorize

You’re already an explosion of the ROYGBIV. (Yes, we remember a bit of biology from grade school.) This means that it’s best to tone it down with accessories because your rainbow clothing is totally crazy-funky, it’s enough of a statement to turn heads.

Adding unnecessarily large pieces of accessories, and a lot of them will clash with your outfit. So, simply put on simple trinkets, if at all.


3. Block Colors For Totes And Handbags

Our #1 tip was about monochrome-ing the shiz out of your outfit pairs. It’ll be good to apply that same tip for your totes and handbags. Again, what this will do is avoid clashing with your colorful attire. Save your delightfully designed purses for next time.


4. The Blazer Neutralizer

This one’s very similar to our first and third tips. The difference is that it’s a covering, literally, to lessen the loudness of a rainbow outfit. Of course, it will HAVE to be a good piece to add on. If you’re thinking of wearing just any jacket or blazer, coat, cardigan, or sweater, that ain’t gonna work. Choose the color wisely and ensure that it’s still on the neutral side.


5. Go Crazy With Other Prints


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