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Popular trends in Mint Jade

Refreshing and beautiful mint green is not easily put together an outfit. In order to match the mint green items with ease and show their unique personality charm we also need to understand some small skills and have some knowledge of color matching.

Mint green + pink

   Different color items with different proportions of colors will also give people different shapes. For example, a light pink innerwear and a light pink shirt are two different items. Wearing pink shirts makes people feel very casual. The shirt is a more casual style, loose style, very casual, and lazy. The mint green suit in pink looks professional and intellectual.

   When pairing with pink, it is best to choose light colors, which can make the vision have a soft feeling. Because red and green are contrasting colors, it will look very rustic if they don’t match well, so reducing the color saturation is a common method. Use light and gentle pink with refreshing mint green, which is very seductive and advanced.

Mint green + blue

   Mint green is a very refreshing color. The light mint green is suitable for pink, yellow, and blue. The blue top and the skirt have the sweet feeling of wearing Japanese style, so the whole costume is very sweet and temperament and the color is more coordinated and fresh will present a natural and generous state.

Mint green + green

   Mint green is a very comfortable and gentle color, and it is also one of the popular colors in summer. The same color looks thinner, showing feminine charm. The solid color blouse is matched with a floral pleated skirt. The texture of the skirt is vertical stripes, so it is particularly thin, and the fabric is light and delicate with texture. The straw woven bamboo basket pouch is matched with this suit, and it can also wear a kind of French elegance, simple and generous, a bit lazy.

In the workplace, suits are also a hot item. We also cannot miss it when we choose. The refreshing mint green suit is very eye-catching. The suit can be worn as a set or taken apart. The blouse is matched with a white T-shirt, which is simple and clean, suitable for creating the image of everyday women in the workplace. If you want to make the whole look unique, match it with a fashionable leopard print bag, which is fashionable and more youthful.

 Mint green + white

   It is more suitable for mint green and white in the workplace. A dark blue suit with mint green trousers will be more professional and suitable for mature women. A white vest with a pair of high-waist overalls has the most age-reducing effect. It can cover the flesh and show the height very well, and it is also suitable for small women to wear a unique charm.


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