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Emperor- Level Repair and Nourishment

The Guerlain Emperor Bee Posture Series Essence Set is made with exceptionally pure and precious black honey, combined with special royal jelly, the core ingredient of the Guerlain Emperor series! The initial anti-aging effect is very good! It can make the skin look smoother and the contours clearer and lifted!

Royal Royal Jelly Double Guide Essence

Main effects: repair, regeneration, anti-aging

Main ingredients: honey, squalane, royal jelly, glycolic acid, oatmeal extract, lactic acid, sodium hyaluronate

✤The double guide essence looks really good. Double-tube design, with a pressing pump head, the pump head is embossed with a unified small bee in the Emperor Bee pose series.

✤ When the essence is used, directly pressing the pump head is a double texture. The left half is for gentle skin rejuvenation with fruit acid, and the right half is for firming and repairing royal jelly. The texture is a little oily emulsion texture with a little fluidity. The taste is the consistent honey taste of the Emperor Bee Posture series, with a little sweet and greasy feeling.

✤This essence can be used in the morning and evening. The official recommendation is to use it with the recovery honey and use it after the recovery honey. The absorption rate of this essence is slightly slower, and after absorbing, there will still be an obvious sense of presence on the face, which is very moisturizing, and there is no need to use cream in the follow-up.

✤ In terms of efficacy, I have seen a powerful moisturizing effect at present. I have to use it for repair and anti-aging. Then I can see that the skin feels softer and smoother during the use of this essence. It should be It is related to the AHA in the ingredients.

Royal Recovery Honey

Main effects: moisturizing, anti-oxidation, repair

Main ingredients: honey, Indian myrrh extract, royal jelly, VE

  ✤Recovery honey is not a new product. I really like the sense of use. The texture is an essential oil with small gold particles, but this essential oil is very watery, it does not look like an oil essence at all.

✤The smell is the same as honey, with a little sweetness. I always take 4-5 drops and rub it on my hands before pressing on the face. The absorption rate is very fast. There is no oily film on the face after absorption. like.

✤For me, it is mainly moisturizing and repairing effects, and it can be used regardless of seasons. In summer, you can use this essence alone, and you can stack other essences in autumn and winter.

Tips: If you are afraid of using oil products in summer, you can try applying oil essence on the face while moisturizing. The absorption speed will become much faster, and there will be no oily film after absorption.


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