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8 Tips to Choose the Best Full Body Shapewear

If you have still not seen or tried the magic of the wonder garment that is the shapewear, prepare yourself to be amazed. It is like a wonderful app that will smooth away all your flaws and wrinkles. Shapewear does the same. It smooths away all your lumps and bumps. No wonder it is called a wonder garment. Most celebrities wear shapewear for special events, and so can you. As you may know, shapewear has been around for centuries. Earlier they were uncomfortably tight corsets, that women used to wear to give the appearance of a shapely hourglass figure. In modern times they are called shapewear.

Shapewear has recently gained a tremendous amount of acclaim, due to celebrities endorsing and posting on social media. The popularity and the advantages of this undergarment have made women want to try it. However, with the gaining popularity, shapewear has consistently evolved with modern look, design, and engineering. There is a wide range of styles, that cater to different problems, with a wide range of fabric and colors to choose from. The question is which shapewear is best for your body type and your concern. Here are eight tips that you guide you to choose the right and the best full body shaper for yourself.


Choose the right size

Shapewear work best when you are wearing the right size. You must choose the size according to your requirement. Sometimes women get a size down for that extra firmness. But when you are wearing it for a longer period, it becomes uncomfortable. It is always best to get the right size.

Choose shapewear and bra separately

Every woman’s body shape is different. Full-body shapewear will squish your breasts. It is the best idea to choose shapewear that will reach under your bust for the lifting effect.

Getting a high waist full body shaper

High waist shapewear will smooth out your torso and give a slimmer silhouette. Always choose the version that goes up to your bra line.

Choose strong constricting for overall figure transformation

If you must wear a figure-hugging dress. And want to have the best and the smoothest shape chooses shapewear that will hold everything with firmness as it designed to suck and tuck the shape of your body. But if you are happy with just smoothing away the lines medium compression shapewear is the best.

Full body shaper with shorts

To tone your thighs and your whole torso, the bodysuit is popular as it creates a head to toe smooth shape. The full coverage is great for women who want to minimize the size of their chest giving you the look of a sports bra. A full body shaper with built-in shorts is the best option, as it will take care of everything.

Look for comfortable and breathable fabric

A comfortable and lightweight fabric is the best. There is cotton blend shapewear that is available for summer months, while the latex and spandex give you a better shape and stay firm and last longer.

Butt shaping shapewear

If you want to add an extra oomph to your backside. It works by lifting and shaping your booty along with flattening your tummy and smoothing love handles.

Choosing the right color

We highly recommend getting a neutral and black color. It is even better when the neutral one matches closest to your skin color. It also depends on the color and sheerness of the dress you are planning to wear.



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