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Shvimkleids: Swimwear, Not Just For The “Frum”

As early as 2007, my family from Toronto just. In Israel, there are nine months of beach weather. (actually it’s twelve months, as one can go to Eilat warm weather in winter.) I don’t like Toronto, where – if you’re lucky – has five weeks of summer without rain.

All of a sudden, I was more fettered than ever, and I had nothing to wear on the beach. I chose to wear more than just regular bathing suits, not just for religious reasons, but because I was not interested in exposing my aging body. I used to wear summer homes back to Toronto – cotton pajamas or long T shirts – worn too heavy for nine months at regular intervals.

I tried some of the newly created moderate swimsuit styles that were available at the time but didn’t fit my body. When it fits my hips, the shoulders are huge, and the bright blue cloth highlights each line and bump.

My husband suggests that if I can’t find the right thing, I should design my own swimming suit.

That’s what we do. In the Jihe help we find a manufacturer, swimwear manufacturer and wholesale model, the position of the fabric. My friend, an artist, helped me draw our first design and form a logo. I learned how to build a network, build a website, and manage the finances of a small company. By January 2010, we got up and ran.

Our original design was just a basic swim suit, a long t shirt. But fast forward, seven and a half years later, the “B” H is our eighth season, with more than 30 styles of simple, sunscreen swimwear.

When I heard my female clients in the past few years, I began to understand their unique needs, I extend our design, to provide the treatment of a variety of neckline, sleeves and hem lengths, and swimming, bra, scarves, girls swimwear, surfing suits, and traditional swimwear. We have also extended our size to meet many different body shapes.

I see. Modest clothes are not always about religion. I have clients who say, “I want to feel comfortable with my secular family when I go to see them,” I want to have UV protection, “or” I remove scars from breasts, and I don’t want to be exposed to the sun.” Everyone should wear clothes that will make them feel comfortable, confident and safe, no matter what the situation is. Unfortunately, the modern swimwear industry has not met the needs of many women.

Last summer, an angry French Muslim did not allow women to wear Burkinis on the beach. I interviewed more than 5 news media, I said that women should be able to disguise themselves on the beach or swimming pool feel comfortable. It doesn’t have to be about religion, as my customer’s comments suggest. Even my secular sister wore our miniskirt and tight pants. Everywhere, women love to cover up a lot of reasons!

When I started my research in 2009, there were probably two or three moderate swimwear manufacturer companies. There are now more than ten Jewish companies, as well as more Muslims and Christian markets. So, if some people think that shvimkleids is come into fashion, think again – we stay here!


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