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Swimwear Denver, Denver Pool Parties

This is the height of the summer, and the pool party is everyone’s agenda. Unless you think of your swimsuit style enough to open the waterworks. The European Wax Center and 303 magazine bring together the following list of local boutiques, including the city’s top swimwear designers, to help reverse the trend in the battle, save you some tears, and endlessly find the perfect pieces and cover up.

To prepare you for the peak of the season – the European Wax Center offers you the first wax-free product. Although the offer is only available to new guests, you can get eyebrows, armpits or bikinis for free, or you can upgrade to bikini or Brazil at half price. Men also get eyebrows, ear or nose wax for free. No matter what you choose, decide to support your new suit with poolside confidence.
The Lowdown: Recently celebrated for five years, Hailee Grace Boutique is the trusted staple of Larimer Square. Owners Grace Buttorff and Hailee Satterfield are very focused on integrating East-West style into constantly changing clothing and accessories. The two choose a moderately priced swim separation and a modern-style brand that is often watched, so the work will soon be sold out.
Lowdown: Le Soutien was founded nearly 25 years ago by Sharon Nelson to provide Denver women with high quality bras that are actually suitable and supportive. Nielsen worked in the lingerie and department store industry for 40 years before starting her boutique. In addition to bras, underwear and specialty pajamas, Le Soutien is also wearing a bra size swimwear to ensure that every lady can find a suit that suits her. These packages are only available in August, so time is of the essence.
The Lowdown: Stephanie Carlson recently launched a high-end resort pool 2019 series sexy swimwear for sizes from zero to 24 yards. Carlson pays great attention to ensuring that the swimsuit’s construction, support and length are suitable for every woman’s needs, no matter how she is. . Yes. The collection also features a unique design that transcends traditional gowns and kimonos.


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