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The Fight for the One-Piece Swimsuit Emoji

CreditIllustration by The New York Times

New York Times’ CreditIllustration
The Miss America beauty pageant is not the only institution that rethinks its swimwear segment.

Unicode Alliance – the ideogram of the overlord (or, more formally, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing, maintaining and promoting software internationalization standards and data) – is deciding whether to allow a very simple pink maillot or a one-piece swimsuit , add this small, youthful yellow polka dot bikini in the emoji.

Its purpose is to provide users with another less sexy option. These users may not think that the two-piece Barbie wardrobe does convey who they are or what they want to say. Or the most relevant choice in the current cultural climate.

“I have no objections to bikinis,” said Florie Hutchinson, a 38-year-old independent art propagandist. He is the mother of three (and soon four) girls, she and former New York Times reporter Jennifer 8. Lee, together with the co-founder of Emojination, proposed a supplement to maillot. “I walk through them. But not every woman or girl wants to wear one, and they should be able to make another choice,” Ms. Hutchinson said. “I want my girls, when they grow up to have their own smartphones, they can see both side by side.”


In fact, she also started a year ago to convince the Union to add a flat shoe emoji to an existing red high heel. It turns out that not every woman dreams of skyscrapers with high heels faltering.

That proposal became a feminist career célèbre. “I am really surprised,” Ms. Hutchinson said. “I know what this means to me, but I don’t think it means anything to so many people.” The shoe was officially adopted earlier this year; it should appear in the emoji dictionary this month or next place. .


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Ms. Hutchinson has changed the choice of women’s wardrobes and is ready to do it again. Ms. Li’s mission is to modernize the emoji vocabulary to reflect contemporary culture in an inclusive manner and to expose her to the collaboration on swimsuits. Ms. Hutchinson invited artist Aphee Messer, who created her shoes, to come up with a design



This new swimsuit emoji can represent you.
CreditAphee Messer / Emojination
Ms. Hutchinson said: “We want some very basic content to read under the microscope.” The style of the suit – the legs of the thigh cut, the round neck – more sporty than the sexy, the curve of the ideal body is better than the Playboy Less hints. The one-piece design is designed to appeal to those who swim, pool and beaches to focus more on activities, such as hooks, or to identify temptations more than strength and function (or discretion).


Also children.

Ms. Hutchinson and Ms. Lee are not, as it happens, the only emoji users who have taken note of the limited bathing suit options available to those who like to send messages via pictograms.

Darlin’ Darla@Darlainky

The fact there’s no one-piece swimsuit emoji tells me there’s not many 40 women designing emojis.

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Lauren Hope Ondercin@blondercin

It’s really frustrating that there’s a bikini emoji instead of a one-piece swimsuit emoji… #moddestishottest

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However, not everyone believes. Now, swimwear emoji is shortlisted for the 2019 dictionary and is awaiting verdict, Michael Iverson and Andrew West, members of the International Organization for Standardization (and two printers known for their opposition to last year’s frowning expression) Do you need extra swimwear?

“Why? Mr. Everson asked in a comment to the Emoji Subcommittee. “Would you like to show that people using swimwear can’t use the existing BIKINI? Is this really necessary? How about Victorian swimsuits? Still wet clothes? Or a hydrofoil? ”

“Don’t code,” is his suggestion. Mr. West simply wrote that he thought “no need”.

Ms. Hutchinson said: “I was shocked. This seems to me to be a very old response.” She said that one of them reflects the “domestic position of male coders, male feedback providers, and men participating in the committee.”


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