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The First Bag of The New Year, Which Brand Will You Buy?

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to invest in a couple of new items and update your look. Which will be your first handbag this year? Which brand would you like to buy? What color and style?

Let’s have a look at some of the most fashionable handbags this season and help you decide what are the best shopping options for you this year.

1. Everyday shopper

For your everyday errands such as shopping, choose something that is not only stylish but most of all comfortable to carry and big enough to accommodate all your items.

If your closet consists of mainly dark or black items, choose a cool, colorful tote to brighten up your look. If you tend to wear a lot of prints and patterns, go for classic black, white, grey, or dark blue.

This season, you may want to experiment with shoppers or totes that feature some interesting, eye-catching words or slogans – they are a great way to express your current mood and are very fun to wear.

2. Elegant clutch

For a special event such as a date night, dinner, or clubbing with friends, you need a very special handbag as well. With so many different clutches available on the market, it’s hard to choose just one, so we suggest having a look at a couple of various styles. This way you will always have something to choose from and getting ready for a party won’t be stressful or time-consuming.

Black clutch is timeless and elegant, you will be able to wear it with most of your dresses and party outfits.

Silver and gold are a great choice if you are looking for something more glamorous and eye-catching. For an extra wow factor choose elegant sequins.

Red and fuchsia will always brighten up your outfit and will add more energy to your look.

This season consider something super unique and fashionable – think about a

new colour that you never tried before, interesting shape, and details.

Accessories are amazing tools that help us create our own style, so don’t be afraid to experiment and express yourself in a unique and stylish manner this season!

3. Comfortable cross-body bag

When it comes to everyday comfort, we can’t recommend cross-body bags enough. They not only look good, but allow you to freely move around with your hands free. What could be better?

4. Office handbag

A stylish office handbag is a must and you should put a lot of effort into selecting the one that fulfills all your needs as you most probably will be using it daily. Choose one with enough pockets to comfortably carry your phone, wallet, and the most necessary cosmetics that you always take with you and use throughout the day (lipstick, lipgloss, pressed powder, perfumes, etc.)


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