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White Down Jacket, Who Wears It Looks Cute!

Does your winter wardrobe need some versatility? If you feel like you have too many screaming winter pieces, which were very popular the last few fashion seasons, and you need a little step back to the basic root, then you might like this season`s hot trend. Unlike bright neon accents, overaccessorizing, and other “right in the face” tendencies in fashion, the white puffer or down jackets balance between the casually accepted, relaxed trend and those over the top looks. Sounds like something you would love to be wearing in winter? Then you have to own one of the following white down jackets and look simply fantastic when the temperature drops.

A calf-length puffer jacket is exactly what you need this winter. Even though it looks like something extravagant at the first sight, it is actually more of a convenient option for those fashionistas, who prefer comfort over swish. Pair your long puffer jacket with a total-black outfit: black workout pants, black t-shirt, or oversized black sweater.

Cropped is the new long, and it is especially wearable in warm climates. If your winter doesn`t freeze you up, then this cropped look is exactly what you need. Wear it with some white high-waist pants, a sleek bodysuit, and a pair of some bomb sneakers.

Lighter than a cloud of freshly-stirred chantilly cream, the next puffer jacket is for the ost delicate fashionista, who like all things cute and cozy. The high-neck design will protect you from the wind, and the overall simple look will allow you to style it with various pieces from your wardrobe. Final accents — ugly white sneakers, and a plain white handbag.

How about a simple white top, worn with the white puffer jacket? We love the way it looks, especially together with a pair of comfortable sneakers, and jogger pants. This is one of those tension-free, weekend styles, to wear for a friendly meet-up with your buddies. Or, maybe, even for a sporting event, what are your thoughts?

If you have a pair of white skinny jeans at your disposal, but can’t seem to come up with a stylish use for them, try wearing them with a voluminous, short puffer jacket. Underneath the jacket, wear a tin, turtle-neck sweater, and opt for elegant pumps, if sandals are too cold for your region. The final outfit is not too casual looking, still can be worn for semi-formal occasions.


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