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What Headgear Should I Wear In The New Year to Look Pretty?

Let’s discover today the most beautiful 2021 winter hats for women, and which are the models to have absolutely. There are not only beanies with or without pompoms and caps: the beret is back in fashion!

Wool headphones to not suffer from the cold

They adhere perfectly to the head and elegantly cover it, while also controlling your hair. These are woolen caps, slightly elastic and soft headgear, which can be put on with extreme ease. They can be characterized by different colors, prints and even textures.

They look good on everyone, but it’s always good to take into account some details that can make a difference. There are those who prefer them super simple, and those who love the slightly sagging effect at the tip. Also, there are very small ones, which are actually just short, so they don’t cover the forehead and ears.

The most current models are characterized by the cuff, on which the brand logo or some small decoration is often proposed, which can be crystals or light micro studs, so as not to weigh down the headgear too much.

The nice beanie with pompon

If on the one hand we have headphones, on the other we have the real beanies, which are undoubtedly the models that have conquered everyone, men and women and even children.

However, there is a detail that makes these proposals even more interesting and intriguing: the delicious ball placed on the top of the hat.

Hats with visor

When we talk about caps with visors, the sportiest ones immediately come to mind, but in reality, there are many others that are decidedly more feminine.

The women’s winter visor caps feature a slightly soft body and are inspired by army fashion. On the base they have a band, often embellished with decorations, such as fake buttons. And they are equipped with a short visor.

They have been the protagonists of fashion shows in recent years, especially those that take place in Paris. In fact, the style of French women is often characterized by this accessory: in Parisian looks, therefore, the hat is a very important piece.

The French basque is the new must-have of the moment

If on the one hand, we found the beret with a soft body, on the other we cannot fail to admire and adore the French beret. Must-have of the great artists of the past, the beret is back in fashion and will not abandon us in this cold season.

Although it looks like just an ornamental accessory, this headdress, when made of materials such as wool and felt, is great for sheltering from the cold and freezing winter temperatures.

In addition to being very cute, compared to beanies, berets do not flatten the hair, preventing the skin from getting dirty beforehand and not knotting the locks, thus avoiding looking for a solution to untangle the hair.

How to combine them? There are so many ways to wear a hat in winter and even in the case of the beret there is no need to worry. Compose your outfit as always and add this accessory, paying attention to the materials used and the colors. Everything must be in total harmony!


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