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The Hongkong model launches the company to make eco chic bikini lines from old carpets and fishing nets

The ocean is close to the heart of Jocelyn Luko Sandstrom. That’s why actors, TV presenters and models, and her husband, Antony Sandstrom, have launched an eco conscious brand that goes beyond swimwear.

At present, in its pre launch stage and production process, beyond will launch the congregation raised platform Kickstarter May 23rd, Bikinis nightclub available for sale in mid June, through the company’s online store, $98 each.

“I prefer swimming to my clothes.”. “It’s because I was born and raised in Hawaii,” said entrepreneurs in Japan, Austria, Ireland and france. “I always wanted to be a swimwear manufacturer China swimsuit brand, but I didn’t have the courage until this year.”

The couple’s efforts to build an environmentally friendly brand are partly due to their efforts to live sustainably. “We’ve been cleaning ambassadors in Hongkong for nine years, so we know how much garbage was found in the ocean. In addition, swimwear and the sea go hand in hand. If we destroy the ocean, then we have no place to swim.”

The key to development is econyl beyond the use of pure nylon fabric, Luko Sandstrom, found from her friends. In addition to the use of old carpets, econyl was acquired by old fishing nets from farms, fisheries and marine clean-up projects. Garbage recycling, and then converted to the use of fabric beyond.


The reason why there is such a special focus is known in the fishing industry “GhostNet” fishing net, because of their devastating effects. Ancient nets can be stored in the ocean for 500 years, floating in vast waters, killing marine wildlife. Through recycling, econyl may not only save lives, but also provide new life, discarded materials.

“Manufactured from fishing nets, econyl also uses 75 percentage points more than fresh materials, so not only have recycling benefits, but also less waste,” said husband Sandstrom. “This is a wonderful material. It came out last October.”. We’re having an exciting material revolution, and hopefully all our clothes will be made of this material in the future.

He added that it was difficult to find environmentally friendly swimsuits at the moment. “Even if you search for Google or the global resource fair, there are only a few options. This must be a growing market. I hope the more we push our career, the better the environment will be.

In addition, although most people in the industry are trying to prevent others find their means of production, but we still think: maybe we will lose some money to share the news with everyone, but it is for the greater good.

Beyond the ecological focus also extends to the intelligent and versatile design of its swimwear manufacturer China products. For example, Bali has removable straps at the top so that wearers can either take them to avoid tan lines or use these extra support. The pieces are reversible and each side has a different color that allows customers to exchange between the two.

“I have a lot of broken pieces of swimsuits, but they’re not as good, I think,” said Luko Sandstrom. “So when designing this collection, I want to change this and tweak it to make it more feminine. Especially, it is difficult to find a strapless Bikinis nightclub Strapless piece holds everything in place! I tested a lot of different methods and fixed it to keep it in good shape. They also helped to put a woman’s curve together.”

In the future, couples want to expand their reach. One of these initiatives is to provide a recycling scheme where customers can use used products in exchange for a 40% discount on new products. Sandstrom is also keen to later attract male population to provide men’s swimming shorts, which will come from recycled plastic bottles.

“Although our swimwear manufacturer China is small, a modest team of couples, hopefully we can change the world,” Sandstrom said. “We just want to change a bikini world at once.”



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