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The swimsuit label matteau appears in the first garment collection

2012 Ilona Hamer is looking for a simple, plain black bikini. At that time, she was working for the fashion Australia private label swimwear manufacturers. That didn’t help her career.

“She just can’t find anything, that’s good, not embellished or covered in decoration,” Peta Heinsen said, Hamer’s sister.

2015, Ilona worked as a freelance American designer and magazine editor in New York fashion editor, and launched swimwear label matteau in Sydney marketing and media heinsen.

The pronunciation is “mattress” – the name of the tabs – the name of the label is a mixed word “grind” and “light” to the French words of water. A private label swimwear, which simply won the global after its accessories, is mainly a monochrome Bikinis nightclub. Between the design of Sydney and New York, matteau has been a household name for classic styling Aesthetics: given a contemporary, cleaning line.

Now, three years later, the label is on the Net-a-Porter (NAP) – the world’s top fashion and luxury online retailer.

In March this year, matteau was ready to wear a capsule series as well as a swimsuit on the website. The capsules can be completely passed through the Net-a-Porter and matteau sites.

“When we launched the swimming we start with the Mayo [overall], three minutes, three colors, and keep it three – introduction, is really very simple,” Heinsen said. “When we’re getting ready to wear clothes, more is about ‘well, what do we wear to the beach?’ Most of the clothes we wear are simple, neutral colors. We don’t want to get anything. ”

And the complexity of the things that can not be done. The features of the capsule are three pieces of 100% Japanese Cotton: short sleeved shirts; long sleeved shirts; and long and ankle long skirts in Italy, in black.

“The short sleeved shirt, which is what, we all seem to lack – a great short sleeved shirt cuff, you can wear jeans or swimming,” Heinsen said. “It looks relaxed, but very high… This is a very difficult work to find.

“We don’t want to do things that need dry cleaning either – so women who invest in a shirt don’t have to reinvest in every piece of clothes to clean it. They can be washed and ironed. ”

In preparation for announcing wear collection and collection with NAP just in the matteau new spring summer swimming collection. As usual, the custom dyed fabric surface shape and signature rule: maillots, triangle waist underwear in red coat bikinis and almonds. Leopard – like prints are as ornamental as things.

From the color and tone of John Chamberlain’s private label swimwear manufacturers squashed car, in 60s of last century, the photos of Bernard Plossu in Mexico and the collection of French artists Caroline Deneervaud inspired, Hamer said. “We don’t really pay attention to the trend. It’s more important to connect to the colors, textures and patterns we feel at the moment.”

As for the future, expansion is still a prudent prospect. “Economic growth” is what Heinsen says. We can see new wear parts for different colors, different designs, different fabrics, if initial collection resonates.


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