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What Are The Beautiful and Affordable Girl’s Accessories

Poised between the fervor, of color and refinement of materials, and minimalism, pure and geometric: the fashion accessories of spring-summer 2021 represent all the contradictions of the time we live in. If on the one hand, we seek the impetus for rebirth and recovery, full of the joy of living, on the other hand, there is the awareness that the only refuge is the stability of must-haves that do not succumb to fleeting fashions.

Re-education to creativity and recovery of values are the two paths taken by the stylists for this rather anomalous fashion week. Between the lines we can read the desire to build a personal style, made up of new, archival pieces, interpreted or re-edited using technologies, sustainable and / or natural materials.

Accessories – including shoes, bags, jewels – move away from fashion, retaining a relaxed and conscious charm, thus putting personality and originality to the test.

They have many advantages, they are ready for any occasion. And they resist time and trends: choose your best friend among the new seasonal accessories.

They are the flagships of the brands and the must-haves of the season. Spring summer 2021 fashion accessories in line with trends but with an eye to timeless design, to remain allied with style from season to season. Signed by medium and high-end brands: for all budgets.

The top accessories

Starting with the colors. Three that never go out of fashion: white, black, and natural shades, from leather to powder. Three colors that are declined on shoulder bags, buckets, décolleté, sandals, and sneakers with a single foray of light blue, because pastel colors are another dominant must among the spring-summer 2021 trends.

For bags it’s time for cross-bodies. With a vintage charm with the buckle closure, the intertwined one with a 70s flavor, the model with the gold chain or the one with the knotted detail of the shoulder strap.

But among the spring summer 2021 fashion accessories there are also hand-bags. Roomy as a bag, maxi, bon-ton with references to the 60s or with contrasting handles.

Then ultra-classic pumps lit by the python print, white sabots and (finally!) sandals, to be chosen from ultra minimalist, total white and clean lines, or romantic, in the most discreet shade of pink but with rouches.

Pink or total white, country-chic or bohemian, logoed or decorated: all the bags and shoes of the new season

Notes for bags and shoes spring summer 2021. Essential colors: white and pink. For sandals, the low shots are a must. Bags: yes to large sizes and jewel variants. And two trends to keep in mind, denim and the logo mania, for those who want to vary the usual brown. Accessories for the summer arrive in boutiques. Here are 8 trends you can’t resist that already make you dream!

Country Chic

The damsel comes from the countryside… More decisive and current than ever. With a maxi bag in wicker, flip-flops, floral prints, clogs and rainproof boots. Here are spring summer 2021 bags and shoes to bring a bit of countryside to the city too.


Spontaneous statements. Brands unveil their name in big letters. For a total look full of personality. Anonymity banned.

Pink Lady

Fuchsia sandals. Powder shoulder straps. Flamingo heels. Confetto clutch bag. All shades of pink meet the appeal.


New best friends: not diamonds but jewelry accessories. Stones and rhinestones on leather and fabrics and chains (only) over the shoulder.


For lovers of minimalism. Design cuts, geometric lines, and essential textures. And to complete the mood, absolute white.


The cotton canvas reveals all its versatility. Conquering sneakers and stilettos, hats and bags.


The warm shades of raw earth marry embroidery and weave. Ropes, fringes, and tassels are the precious details for spring-summer 2021 shoes and bags.

Hot summer

With fins, speargun and… straw bags, big hats, and flat shoes. The taste of the sea is already felt and intoxicates the accessories of colors.


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