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What Is Your Favorite Handbag Brand

One of the most used accessories that are the best to compliment outfits is bags. And there’s plenty of brands that offer so many different styles. You can find really cheap ones, and of course, there are the high-end ones, that are extremely expensive and also and probably the most copied ones around the world.

If I am honest, my favorite handbag brands are of course the high-end ones, such as Michael Kors, Gucci, YSL, or LV. But I only own a lot of MK pieces, as they are the most affordable brand out of the mentioned ones. I have one bag, a wallet and a passport holder from them and I love them all.

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High-end brand handbags have the same use as the cheaper ones, the only difference that they have is the status that they give you. And maybe an extra something, when it comes to complementing your outfit.

Brands like Gucci and YSL have bags that in my opinion have great options that will make you look great not only if you’re going out with your friends for drinks or a party or going out on a date with your significant other. The best colors for that are red and also black.

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Of course, there are so many different styles of bags. For example, there are totes and messenger bags, duffel bags, satchels, clutches, and backpacks. You can get as many as you want from the different styles and of course, this will give you the chance to properly choose the right bag that goes perfectly with your outfit.

That a bag goes well with your outfit is not the most important use you can give to your bags, but actually the real use you give to it and what you can put in them depending on the occasion. Little backpacks or baguette bags are great to go out if you’re only taking your wallet, phone, and some extra stuff like makeup with you. If you need to carry work material with you, then, for example, a tote is the best option for you. In the end, it is you who decide the real use you will be giving to your bag.

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Also, the style of bag you get, really only depends on your own style and what you really like. Don’t get bags because they are trendy, get them because you know you’ll give them good use, that they go with your style and your clothes and of course if they are expensive, get them as an investment but think about it thoroughly. Just don’t spend money, because they’re nice bags, and then you’ll end up drowning in debts.

Also, remember that there are brands that will offer you similar bags to the most expensive ones at a way more affordable price. And it is ok to get them if you can’t afford the other ones. Remember, they have one use… the cheap and the expensive ones both serve that purpose.

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What are your favorite handbag bands? Do you have one specific one you love or several?


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