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For girls, summer is the season when you can wear all kinds of beautiful small skirts. View Feelingirldress black friday sales 2020, choose all kinds of dresses you like.

What is a bandage dress? The bandage dress is simply a “dress with suspenders”. The rope on both sides of the shoulder connects the part of the skirt underneath.

Unlike other dresses, the upper body is only a sling after all, and there is no upper body clothes. (Different shapes vary depending on the design) Therefore, a suspender skirt alone cannot be worn, but it is precisely because of this that it can be more colorful. Check wholesale bandage dress event.

So how does the bandage dress look good with the jacket? Here are some tops that are suitable for matching with a bandage dress, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Match 1: Navy blue polka-dot bandage dress + white sleeves

We usually wear suspender skirts and choose light-colored inner wear, such as white and beige, which will look more concise. The white sleeves are very suitable for inner wear, suitable for matching with a long sling skirt, and a navy blue polka dot sling skirt is also very suitable.

Match 2: floral bandage dress + dark blue denim vest

Summer is inseparable from small florals, with a dark blue denim vest outside, which is fashionable, individual and very fashionable.

Match 3: black floral bandage dress + white short-sleeved T-shirt

White short-sleeved T-shirts are inseparable from the spring and summer wear. Whether it is worn inside or outside, they are more generous and decent. Paired with a black floral suspender skirt, it is very youthful and fashionable.

Match 4: Smoke pink bandage dress + black long-sleeved bottoming shirt

When we match clothes in spring and autumn, we often choose inner styles. In these two seasons, the inner styles are generally white or black. The black long-sleeved bottoming shirt is paired with a smoky pink suspender skirt, which is elegant and temperamental.

Match 5: Khaki bandage dress + beige sweater

Beige is also a very temperamental color. There should be beige items in girls’ wardrobes. Beige sweaters are used as the inner wear, and they are matched with khaki suspender skirts.

Match 6: Navy blue bandage dress + Navy blue polka dot mesh dress

Slightly transparent or relatively transparent mesh skirts are very sexy, and a navy blue polka dot mesh dress with a navy blue sling skirt is sexy and a super good figure.

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