Nina Dobrev exposes sexy thighs in sexy new bikini photos

Nina Dobrev is showing off her sexy bikini figure in her latest social media film.

floral print bathing suit

On Friday, December 14, Nina Dobrev and her best friend Julianne Hough posted a picture of themselves on Instagram. In the photo, the two friends saw laughter and fun during their recent vacation to Indonesia.

In a series of photos, Nina wears a white transparent gown and a black bikini. Former vampire diary stars wear printed bathing suits and full cleavages are fully displayed in the photos.

Nina’s hair leaned to one side and she was wearing a loose beach tankini with a chain around her neck. Dobrev and Hough are smiling for the camera because they share a special moment.

From the photos, we can see that white clothes cover the body very well, and in the evening on the coast of Indonesia, long sleeves are very good against the cool sea breeze.

Former vampire star’s printed swimsuit is the latest model in 2019. The shoulder straps are a good way to relieve the pressure on the shoulders. The low chest design perfectly shows the sexy cleavage. With the same beach skirt, it is especially attractive on this special night.

Iskra Lawrence and her friends show off her floral swimsuit curves on Instagram

Iskra Lawrence lives the best life. Last weekend, the 20-year-old model enjoyed a beach outing with a female friend in Miami to share a happy time.

In the short film, the British model faces the ocean, her feet are in the water, she laughs with her friend Brenna Huckaby, she is the American snowboarder and the Paralympic medal winner, and has participated in the sports pictorial swimwear version. Lawrence wore a floral one-piece swimsuit, while Huckabee wore a cute red and white one-piece dress.

In the second photo, Lawrence had a great time with Huckaby as they continued to share the laughter from the previous article.

floral one piece siwmsuit

“Image description: Two girlfriends laughed on the beach and stood in the womens swimwear by the sea to live their best life,” Lawrence wrote in the title of one of the photos.

In the second photo, Lawrence explained that she recently learned that Instagram allows users to insert written image descriptions that can be provided for visually impaired people, adding that she intends to do so from now on.

Lawrence’s photos shared with her 4.2 million Instagram fans have won more than 200,000 and 250,000, respectively, and the reviews have reached 1,000. Users appreciate Lawrence’s openness and inclusiveness.

“I don’t know if this is intentional, but there is no mention in the image description that her prosthetic leg actually makes the disabled feel normal. I think this is very surprising,” one user wrote, Lawrence replied that she And Huckabee discusses how they see the need to shift focus from people’s disabilities and add that they “want to challenge and advance the conversation.”

Huckabee has publicly stated that she wants to help change the stigma of disabled people. In an interview with Sports Illustrated Swimwear, Huckby said, “I hope women feel empowered by it. Everyone should feel sexy. It doesn’t matter what your body looks like, when you feel good in your skin it shows. Let me tell you, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t feel good in your own skin!”

Target’s Plus size swimwear collection has just been released, here is the best product

When you need a perfect, affordable look, everyone can agree on the goal – and it’s Target. The iconic bullseye outside the building may also be a magnet. Now, just in time for Spring, Target’s new XL swim series is here, it’s even better than you think.

Earlier this month, Target released a preview of their new swimming suits for ladies collection. Its size is not only inclusive and lovable, but the event is completely unaffected.

When all 1,700 swimwear debuted, the brand issued a statement explaining that during the swimming season, they wanted to bring back their swimwear shopping.

“Our goal is to eliminate the stress of the swimsuit season and bring joy back to the beach by providing something for each Target customer…” the brand wrote in a press release. “We are celebrating women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty of their bodies.”

What are the best big size swimwear in Target’s new swimwear collection? Everyone has enough space.

During the sunlit Miami Beach shooting, Iskra Lawrence paraded in her different sandals for her sand cover and ample chest parade

She will never shy away from her enviable curvaceous frame.
On Monday, Iskra Lawrence took an incredible curve in Miami, Florida, and took a sunny photo. Iskra Lawrence looks compelling.
The 28-year-old British model, wearing a red vintage high waisted bikini, is playing her unbelievable physique, then playing on the beach and showing off her sand-covered peaches in a bold purple swimsuit, quickly turning into More clothing.
Iskra was filmed for Aerie – a brand from American Eagle Outfitters that defends “Girl Power” and “Body Enthusiasm” and has stopped re-touching any campaign shots they have used since 2014.
Apparently a fan of the brand and its ethos, Iskra looks just like at home, wearing a striking red design that aligns the striking bikini tip with the panties.
Full of confidence, Iskra has a two-piece chest on the chest, a charming triangular design with bright stripes on the underside of the chest.
It is paired with bikini bottoms, sits high on Iskra’s hips, and has a glamorous cut to highlight the peach behind her and her bronze pins.
Beauty seems to bring a minimalist makeup effect to this shot, highlighting her natural beauty and favoring the contoured cheeks and delicate nude lips.
The fashion star wore her blond lock, dressed in a beach, in a messy style, saw a pair of chic white-framed tones, posing storms from all angles, preparing for the perfect playful props.
The appearance of Iskra’s bikini in the United States will undoubtedly make the onlookers a little hot under the collar, and it seems that there is a ball in the shooting, this model is turning in the ear because she rested between the two shots.
On her Instagram page, Iskra revealed that she was shooting for Aerie while wearing a beautiful pink swimsuit. She wrote on her snapshot: ‘Good morning. I am very happy to shoot @aerie fam in Miami this week.
Iskra currently starred in one of the fifth issue of the 21st issue of Herring & Herring magazine, published every two years.
The issues also include Olivia Munn, Seal, Winnie Harlow, Laverne Cox, Mandy Moore, Skai Jackson, Meghan Trainor and Wiz Khalifa.
Writing this magazine on Instagram, the photography brand said: “Everyone we photograph represents what beauty means to us; it depends not only on their appearance, but also on their good humanitarian behavior and their spirit. .
The model has long been an active member of social diversity and authenticity on social media and wants to be a “real” role model for her fans. She recently shared her crying and revealed that she suffered an “emotional collapse”.
Iskra avoids the snapshot she usually wears in bikinis for a more sensitive upload. In her photos, Instagram stars may see tears as she reveals her “internal struggle” to ensure she is on the social media platform The page on the page is “real” as much as possible.
The little star revealed that she was dissatisfied with “personal problems” and recent events. Although she did not provide details, Iskra did tell the fans that she wanted to share her uneasiness on the Internet to raise her awareness of mental health and to show others that she could cry.
She and her emotional post shared a lengthy statement that read: “The internal struggle to release absolutely everything is still…
“I feel like a mess, I think it looks messy, what happened yesterday and the combination of other personal problems that I think led to this emotional breakdown shocked my emotions…
“I try to show you all the authenticity, even if I feel that posting the “best position” more intimately, there is nothing wrong with it, but I hope this article can make at least one person feel better instead of nothing.”

Tropical beauty! Bikini model Madi Edwards shows off her sensational figure, wearing a thin rainbow swimsuit and launching a new brand Marli

She is a gorgeous model who recently curated her “dream costume brand” Marli.

Before the much-anticipated release on Monday, Mardi Edwards showed off her enviable figure in a series of eye-catching works.

The 22-year-old social media star filmed the storm on a tropical background, showing her famous Insta long skirt and slender clothes.
In one shot, Madi wore a colorful vintage high waisted bikini with yellow red and green.
Madi’s bikini is designed with high-breasted thongs and a triangular swimwear, not just a skin.

The Maxim model retains her loose blond hair for her photos.
Among the other buttons, she saw her wearing a striking corolla while resting behind a palm tree.

Choose from neutral makeup, this stun can add flawless skin tone, shiny lips and clear eyebrows.

Madi replaced the crown with a rainbow-colored headband and then provided the passerby with a view of her almost uncovered shoe rack.
Later, her linen lock was designed with a low ponytail as she walked on the beach while shaking her long sleeve swim top.

The sun-kissed model then launched her two-piece event suit, which features a tropical touch.

The top of the midsection is decorated with quirky crosses, decorated with yellow, green and yellow bands.

Love Island’s Darylle Sargeant flaunts her incredible figure while wearing a leopard-print bikini, while causing a sensation when Spain jumps into the sea

During the short stay in Love Island this summer, she was pushed into the spotlight.

During the sunny separation of Spain, Darylle Sargeant ensured another sensation when cooling down in the Mediterranean.

The real star likes to play with Adam Collard in the villa, showing her sensational figure in a mixed-print two-piece suit, highlighting the many colorful and intricate she splashes in the water. Ink.
The ITV2 star highlights her hind legs and slender legs in a pair of small black bikini bottoms while playing in the enchanting water.
Darylle, a perforating expert from Waterford, paired her ass with a monochrome leopard print and a printed womens high waisted bikini, which caught her attention to the cleavage.

The entire tattoo was shown as she showed a complex tattoo that stretched along her legs, torso and arms as she jumped into the water.
Make sure that all eyes are on her amazing physique, she is wearing a dark bun from the center and then rolling backwards in a messy way.

Darylle found the star in Love Island’s fourth series and later won the support of the winners Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer. She was a late member of the villa and later left with Adam.

However, things did not succeed. Adam abandoned Darylle shortly after being guided from the villa to Zara McDermott to pursue his romance.
At the same time, Darylle had a date with TOWIE star Dean Ralph and had a romantic relationship with Jake Quickenden – he had previously ran with his former fiancé Danielle Fogarty.

During the outing together in Leeds in July, the couple were together and full of style. However, Darylle later confirmed that she and 29-year-old Jack “better as a friend.”

we agreed! Darylle said: “We are only friends. We meet each other, but we are very busy now, we live very far. We are still talking, we still know each other, but we are not in a hurry to go anywhere.

Jess Wright looks carefree because she was on the beach wearing a black bikini while resting in Dubai

She recently broke her silence with Giovanni Pernice’s explosive lineup, which happened last month at the British Pride Award.

On Sunday, when she and her friend Shani Chaplin bathed in the sun in Dubai, Jess Wright looked carefree.

The former TOWIE star, 33, lives in a five-star hotel in Le Royal Meridien. When she arrives at the beach, she wears a thin black ruffled bikini and proudly shows off her fitness figure.
Jess highlights her surgical enhancements and the abdominal muscles of the washboard in a down bikini top with a bow and grooved cap sleeves on the chest.
A small matching hem accentuates her trimmed waist and soft limb detail.

The real little star covered the sun’s eyes with a pair of golden pilots, wearing her black lock on a neat bun and complementing her bronze tan with a radiant makeup look.
Jess looks like she is spending her life, because she has some winter sun on the beach.

When she and her friends play in the shallow waters of the sea, the fitness masters show off a smirk.

After she talked about why she faced her predecessor, strict dancer Giovanni Pernice, after 28 years old, she appeared carefree.
we agreed! The magazine, the former TOWIE star explained: ‘Since we broke up, we have not seen each other. I didn’t choose to meet him that night.

“I definitely didn’t yell, I was just passionate, just like I always had opinions.”

In the video of the former flame conflict, Jessica saw a scream in a shocking line. Before she was called “full of sound,” she heard: “You hurt me.” The heart, you lied to me.’

Although Giovanni and various other people tried to spread this line, Jess snarled: “I got a taxi, I have never seen you for six months, you are not talking.” You use me… Propaganda, fame. No one likes someone to disappoint them.
“You are everything. We are together for six months, you never care about me. I want to know why – you left me!

Jess and Giovanni first had a romantic relationship in December when they were discovered by spectators on the eagle’s eye. The love birds enjoyed a comfortable drink at Soho House, and they began watching the Dream Girls made by West End.

However, in April, when a source told the Sun, things changed: “He really likes Jess and really wants to solve this problem, but he is struggling with his attention and popularity.”
“They tried to keep things friendly and told people they all agreed to take their own way, but he was the first person to hint at the end of the matter. She was very dissatisfied with it. It was a real shame, but hopefully things will remain civilian.

Although her relationship with Giovanni is not the case, Jessica has been associated with Olly Murs since the split in October.

In the rumor, the reality star tells OK! Magazine: ‘Olly is a cute guy with lots of charm.

“Let’s leave! I am dating but I don’t date Ollie!

Lydia McLaughlin just wore a sexy bikini to stand out in her drooping abdominal muscles

The bikini season may end in most parts of the country. But for those who travel around the world, showing off the wonderful ladies swimming costume is almost a year-round activity – if you can show your rock-solid abdominal muscles, then it’s even better. Looking at you, Lydia McLaughlan!

On November 4th, the real housewife of the Alum County of Orange County posted a photo of herself standing in the bright blue waves, wearing a bikini, matching the black bottom of the teenager with an orange top. Also wearing loose plaits and cute sun hats, the mothers of the two children look very tan, happy, and fit very well. When we saw the six packs that Lydia was shaking, our jaws almost hit the floor. check it out:
In addition to the amazing absorption, the photos of Lydia Los Cabos Resort became a sweet moment in her life. In the title, Lydia wrote: “There is nothing better than playing with my boys in the waves. I grew up and went to the beaches of La Jolla, and I like to create memories in the ocean with my boatmen.”
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Victoria’s Secret gave up swimsuit nearly three years ago

Victoria’s secret is bringing back swimwear.

Stuart Burgdoerfer, chief financial officer of Victoria’s secret parent company L Brands, confirmed in a conference call with investors on Tuesday morning that the lingerie giant will bring back swimwear in 2019.

Burgdoerfer said the decision was based on customer feedback.

“Fundamentally, it’s about customers telling us,” he said.
Victoria’s secret spokesperson confirmed that these new products will be available in the spring and online.

In April 2016, Victoria’s Secret cancelled its popular swimwear collection and some of its apparel products to focus on underwear.

In the fourth quarter of 2017 reported in February this year, the company said its decision to withdraw from this category still has a negative impact on its business.

For the 48 weeks ended December 30, 2017, the withdrawal of the swimming and apparel categories respectively had a negative impact on the company’s total and Victoria’s secret comparable sales of approximately 3 percentage points and 5 percentage points,” said the earnings news release.

Still, analysts still believe this is a good business decision.


In February, Morningstar’s stock analyst Bridget Weishaar told Business Insider, “They are refocusing on their core. For Victoria’s secrets, this is underwear. I think this is a wonderful move.”

Swimwear used to be the $500 million secret business of Victoria, accounting for 6.5% of its sales, but CEO Les Wexner gave up the company to focus on other business units.

“We are making these changes to accelerate our growth… narrowing our focus and simplifying our operating model,” CEO Les Wexner said at the time. “I am convinced that these changes are necessary for our industry-leading brands to realize their enormous potential.”

Victoria’s secret once dominated the American lingerie market, but in recent years it has lost market share in other brands such as Aerie, which promoted natural beauty and self-acceptance in advertising campaigns. In the most recent quarter, the number of same-store sales at Victoria’s Secret stores fell by 6%. They fell 2%, including the brand’s online channel.

Last week, it was reported that Victoria’s former secret CEO, Jan Singer, would work for the company for two years. On Monday, L Brands announced that John Mehas, the current president of Tory Burch, will hold the position.

How Summersalt uses data to modify swimwear

Or most consumers in the United States, now is not the time to consider swimsuits. In addition to some sunny sun pockets, the weather has become colder – meaning shoppers are more likely to consider wearing sweaters, hats and socks instead of looking for the best swimsuit.

But for the Summersalt team based in St. Louis, each season is a swimwear season, because that’s the expertise of e-commerce startups that are directly consumer-oriented. Specifically, this one-year-old startup offers eco-friendly swimwear for shoppers, in a commentator’s words, “Non-Coachella adults want to actually wear a suit instead of a one-time dress for a photo.

Summersalt is far from alone in the D2C swimwear collection. Andie, Bikyni and Onia offer direct-to-consumer choices designed to eliminate the pain of swimwear shopping with a simpler, more accessible digital experience. Everyone has their own unique style: Andie is all women’s design and made in the USA, Bikyni focuses on two-piece swimsuits, and the swimsuits made by Onia also serve as men’s daytime casual wear.

The idea for Summersalt co-founders Lori Coulter and Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin to join the business is that they can offer women something different from the typical “over-progressive” approach to swimwear.

“We want a brand to attract women like us, so we can feel sexy as we want. We want to attract women from all over the country, whether it is a Missouri mother or a Brooklyn fashion girl,” Kurt is interviewed. Said.

To build this attraction, Summersalt decided to focus on health, collecting all the data they could accumulate, and providing the right data for all types of customers. The company uses approximately 10,000 real female body scans and approximately 1.5 million measurements to design all swimwear. The company also has patents that recommend clothing based on body size and consumer preferences.

According to the founders, the goal is to provide as much brand as possible. Today, inclusiveness is limited by the size range because it only offers clothing sizes of 14. But this is a problem that the brand has decided to solve because it announced that it has announced the end of the $6 million Series A financing led by Peter. Thiel’s founder fund. Through the new fund, Summersalt plans to expand its products to 22.

“The core value of the brand is indeed inclusive. We know from an economic perspective that by upgrading to the 22nd, we can really get a wider range of consumers,” Kurt pointed out.

But how to make them is just one of the salient features of the Summersalt suite. The second major difference is the materials used to make them. All bikini tops and bottoms, as well as single pieces, are made from recycled textiles and packaged in reusable bags.

“Our fabrics are five times more powerful than recycled textiles,” says Chamberlin. “Our materials come from cutting-edge steel mills with the same philosophy around the world. We are not perfect in terms of sustainability, but we are working hard every day to improve our practices.”

Improvements – and with the latest funding injections, are also expanding. In addition to expanding the scale, Coulter and Chamberlin also pointed out that they plan to extend Summersalt to the starting point of swimming apparel and enter a series of travel suits. Coul points out that the company’s typical consumer is a young millennial shopper, and travelwear is a natural expansion of the brand, which attempts to attract travel and experience-oriented people as they allocate their spending.

“This is a unique period for the retail industry; women like to experience the experience,” Kurt said. “We really think this is the next frontier of the retail industry. We want to position Summersalt as the next generation brand that focuses on travel.”