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How To Wear Bodysuits Comfortably


Meta Description: Want to know how you can wear bodysuits comfortably? You’ve come to the right post! With just 5 tips, you’ll be able to put on shapewear easily, and comfortably, no matter what you’ll wear on top of it.


1. The Right Fit

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This might sound like it’s just common sense, and it is. But it’s the most ignored tip regarding choosing a shapewear bodysuits. Always check the measurements to the detail. If you really want to be sure, buy a tape measure and use that to check your body’s dimensions against the shaper’s dimensions.

We all want to tighten our tummies as much as we can with items from In contrast, it shouldn’t constrict your breathing or any other movement for that matter. Be realistic in selecting “body fitting” shapewear.\

2. Garment Over Bodysuit

best shapewear for tummy and waist

For our #2, try different pieces of apparel over your shapewear for women bodysuits. There are certain Shapers that are more breathable under specific types of fabric. Find out what they are are and pair garment + shapewear together.

It’s recommended that thicker fabric be matched with bodysuits that offer more breathability, especially around the midsection. Thus, a two-piece is a great idea for thicker clothing. And a once piece, for thinner apparel.


3. Straps And Zippers

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Think about the dress you’ll be wearing. Does it zip only from the back? Or can it be pulled down? Such questions are important because they’ll tell you the type of closing a bodysuit should have.

Skirts and pants are best paired with shapewear shorts, while thong bodysuits are good for full dresses.


4. The Pencil Pick-Up Test

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One test to find out if your high waisted thong shapewear is either too tight or just right is by picking something off the floor. Bend over and reach out to pick something up, or to make it simpler, touch your toes. If you’ll be buying online, check the ribbing on the bodysuit of your choice (since you might not have the option to actually try them on for size).

If you want shapewear to be comfy around your tummy, then it’s wise to have one that doesn’t have zippers or buttons around its midsection.

5. Familiarize Yourself With Compression Levels

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Compression levels or numbers tell you how tight a best body shaper can go. What it’s maximum and minimum sizes are. Be familiar with your body type’s compression level match and try to select shapewear within that range.


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