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The Summer’s Best Looking High Heeled Sandals

Meta Description: Beach weather is about letting your feet feel breezy with the best looking high-heeled sandals this season! Take a sneak-peek of the fashion world’s favorite 5 when it comes to summer sandals that are stylish from top to… heel!


1. Higher Than High With Platform Sandals

This is quickly becoming its own rage this year because its thick, platform heels are always a good way to style up any outfit. On the other hand, they’re absolutely comfy to your feet! Platform sandals give you that elevation any other heeled-pair can offer. But because of its almost-flat make, you’ll be able to walk comfortably on any surface.

If you’ve got them in espadrille form, then you’re definitely fashion-ready for summer!

2. It Takes Two With Two Band Slides

Who knew that this type of slides can be worn in that high-end, vogue-worthy manner? So long as you have the perfect pair and the perfect ensemble to go with it, that is. Designers and stylists have brought back this long-lost slipper design because of its functionality. Oh-so-soft on the feet with every step you take.

At the same time, this pair has that edgy, street style feel that’s effortlessly chic.

3. Shape Up With Square-Toe Sandals

Another sandal style that’s back, and is up and running, conquering the summer shoe world with its classic square toe and absolutely elegant mid-heels. The popular choice as of current are thin and slender heels. But don’t worry. The straps of these luxurious sandals will hold your feet in place as you make your I’m-on-top-of-the-world strides!

4. Pledge Yourself To The Wedge

Wedges are favorite, and have always been. Only, they’re making a grand entrance this season because of their graceful yet wearable form. Remember, it’s not only about style but function as well.

What’s more, wedges are easy to wear with any outfit-of-the-day! Whether you choose to don a frock or a pair of trousers, they’re the kind of footwear that’s versatile and mod-ish any day.

5. Strap In With Strappy Sandals

This one’s a no-brainer. How can any girl say no to sandals that have such a flair, such a pristine refinement that will boost a getup from 1 to a hundred in an instant? Summer strappy sandals have earned its place as a go-to for the season’s faves because they’re nothing short of pretty, and pretty fierce!


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