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3 kinds of new Kendall + Kylie swimwear all day

When your day includes your favorite artist’s concert, a pool party, a date application and a neon Carnival Party, what are you wearing seriously?

Are you full of clothes in your backpack? No, because no one wants to bring their wardrobe with them all day. Are you going to change back to the hotel a few times? No one has the time to do it. The only solution is layering. Maybe you can store an extra crop in your wallet.

Kendall and the Kylie Jenner sisters two people with the clothing brand spin, who will host the revolvefestival in this year’s competition, have a new Kendall + Kylie swimsuit line, you can easily incorporate your equipment to solve our holiday wardrobe trouble.

Would you like a Kendal Jenna class? Do not try to find out the change of 5 clothes in one day, and choose the multifunctional appearance of swimwear. Check 3 ways to wear a swimsuit all day!

Style 1: under your equipment


This is probably the most popular and the most common way to incorporate your swimwear into your wardrobe. To put it simply, put your clothes on it. However, pay attention to the head and wet bottom after swimming. It’s better to put more underwear in your bag.

Style 2: in your equipment


Keep it simple and match the trend of 90s single swimsuit with a pair of great jeans shorts, sports shoes and epic accessories.

Style 3: (see) through your equipment


Now, lightweight fabrics and beautiful underwear are all anger. You can easily exchange high waist underwear and bralettes swimwear.


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