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Swimwear brand will like you if you really want to move (and look cute) in your suit.

There is a sea – no, a sea! – a new swimwear brand has emerged over the past few years. Yes, that’s a lot of exaggeration, but if you’re on Instagram, it’s hard not to feel like that, because you can’t help, but the discoverer, Hocking, has a budding label that blindly looks over your feed.

However, I find it hard to find out what is not Coachella. Adults should wear photos in their own clothes instead of wearing them once.

Alas, in rolling, rolling, rolling – I finally found a summersalt that offered all the brands I looked for: lovely clothes (mostly very beautiful pieces, plus some two pieces of sports) to block color array and fabric, with built-in UPF 50 + protection. In addition, they are designed for activities everywhere, that is to say, they don’t slip or pop when they are moving on the beach or diving into the swimming pool.

I have been hoarding two swimsuit swan dive and sidestroke and put them to the test. I’m glad I did it, because they soon sold out. “We can’t tell an inventor, founder Reshma Chamberlin. “They have come back since then.” “We really believe that women are sexy, and we attract our customers by creating sexy and wearable bathing suits.”

The following are some of the reasons for my obsession:

1. A pleasing combination of colors

The design of color blocking is surprisingly simple, but it is completely unique. I like a mixture of red and pink, called lava and pitaya (trend) and gold and Navy, named deep sea and mango. “We really believe in a unique way of color,” Chamberlin said. “I grew up in India, and there are unexpected colors everywhere. We like colors that you usually don’t put together.

2. The details like built-in compression make everything look smoother.

There are four levels of built-in compression. I cannot emphasize that this is a victory. Besides, no hardware can be heated in the sun or leave strange marks on the skin. Besides, UPF 50 + cloth gives me a little peace of mind when the sunshine hits me. In addition, they set up mobile: finally, I wore my side stroke to close the side of the ship’s dive, hiking to the beach, playing with my high-powered little nephew. No shoes have happened.

3. This price is worth investing.

Summersalt is a direct consumer – oriented brand, which basically means they are not responsible for a big mark like a normal store that they sell to you directly. That means that their suits can be easily sold for 200 dollars, 95 yuan per piece. Yes, compared with target shopping, it is still an investment. But when I bought a suit shop at a lower price, I noticed that summersalt only lasted longer. They also provide a home trial package, where you order four suits and have a six day window, trying everything at home for 15 dollars. You only pay your final deposit.)

Listen, the whole process of buying swimsuits is incredible. That’s why we try to help all our swimwear suggestions. But when we find a new brand, it will be good, will give you the confidence to support you, the summer arrival time is not too much or in the wardrobe malfunction risk, summersalt is worth seeing.


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