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4 Types of Women Lingerie and Styles in Today’s Era

Lingerie is undergarment or sleepwear that is a little fancier than the everyday essentials. The word lingerie sounds expensive and seems to project images of femininity and alluring wear.  Undergarments are the basics, but lingerie is an indulgence that every woman deserves. 

There are many different types of lingerie available for women, from corsets,  wholesale plus size lingerie, to camisole, and just about anything in between.  The first thing we put on in the morning is lingerie and wearing a good one can set the tone for the day. 

Wearing the right lingerie will give us the power to enhance our natural features and at the same time will give us a boost of confidence.   It can make us feel beautiful and pulled-together.

There are many cheap lingerie online that you can buy.  Below are 4 types of women’s lingerie and styles that you can find today.

Lingerie Sets

Lingerie sets are a special addition to any wardrobe. A few good matching sets are essential in every woman’s wardrobe. 

There are also a number of different types of lingerie panties to create a mismatched look to suit the personal taste of every woman. A lingerie set is a special addition to the wardrobe.

Feminine Black Three-Piece Mesh Patchwork Bralette Breathable


A negligee a rather flimsy gown and is made with light material like lace or silk.  The negligee can vary in length from floor-length gowns to fun, short skirts that end above the knee. 

Long gowns create the impression of elongating the body and accentuating the waist while shorter ones will draw attention to the legs. 

There is something romantic and elegant about wearing a light gown that feels exquisite against the skin just like the yellow V-neck backless gown below.

Elaborate Yellow V-Neck Sleepwear Solid Color Strap Close Style


Corsets are worn from beneath the bust to the hip bones to create the appearance of a slimmer waist. 

Pathwork waist belt lingerie

A patchwork waist belt lingerie is a little like a flimsy top and can be worn underneath a low-cut top or jacket to avoid revealing more. 

They are made of silk or shimmering fabric that looks appealing.  Pathwork waist belt lingerie like this sexy black lace set is great for sleeping, loungewear or as gifts for bridal party or Valentine’s Day.

Black Sheer Mesh Lace Pathwork Waist Belt Lingerie Sexy


Nightgowns are soft, soothing and also sensual. It is incredibly comfortable for sleeping and there are short nightgowns or full-length ones.  These pieces add elegance and an ethereal flair to your lingerie style.

Gothic Red Midi Length Ice Silk Sleepwear Fashion Online For Girls

Wearing the right lingerie can help women to feel confident.  Understanding the different types of lingerie available and how they can suit your body shape can make lingerie shopping an enjoyable experience.  Check out Lover-Beauty for a wide range of gorgeous lingerie that you can add to your collection. 

The right lingerie set can offer that extra boost of happiness and confidence, whether it is for date night, a formal occasion or any day you want to make a little special.


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