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5 Best Perfumes You Can Give Your Lover

Finding a suitable fragrance is like looking for your partner in life, it is such a difficult thing and you must think and think all over again. Looking for a fragrance for someone you love should be wearable in any situation and can be used by any age. It is kind of challenging looking for a match fragrance/perfume that will match your taste and it is also an extra challenge to look for someone else. However, there are some perfumes that will surely be loved by many women.

There is definitely a perfect scent that is perfect for each and everyone; here are some lists you will probably love to prepare as a gift.

1. Unlocking the Scent of Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is known for its undergarments; however, they are also a top-selling fragrance in the United States. Nothing can be better than purchasing Victoria’s secret perfumes. On the other side, you will probably love the warm notes of their perfume; it has a fruity fresh floral scent.

Here is some Victoria’s secret best-selling perfume you can give to your friends, love once, or even to your mom.

Secret Love

An aromatic scent of the juniper and apricot mix in a perfume, it has a fresh and fruity flavor, this is a smooth and powdery formula. One of the best Victoria’s secret collections is what this perfume will offer you.  


VS has two varieties of this perfume the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell and Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Seduction and Intense which are known to be sisters, they are all known to be the most popular perfume of all, surely it will be one of the best gifts you will give. This can also be one of the best collections you can give.

Victoria’s Secret Tease

This is another top-selling perfume; personally, this is one of my favorites since it has a black vanilla scent which is really a good scent.

2. Best of the Best of Chanel  

Chanel products are always worth it so as their perfumes, their brands have an iconic fragrance that will surely love by many women. They also have an enchanting beauty product that you will probably don’t know; hence, here are some perfumes for you to enjoy.

Chanel N°5 Eau De Parfum

This perfume is probably one of the best perfumes for you that you can buy at their stores or online. It is timeless and most iconic of all; they get the spot of being the most top perfumes of Chanel. It possesses a feminine soft fragrance and refined floral scent; it also has a minimalist bottle design that can be sealed by your hand easily.

Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum

It comprises a fresh yet strong oriental fragrance; it has also a fresh vibrant orange that accords to the jasmine and a rose flower.  It also has a cute design in its bottle which makes it look beautiful and the pink color of the liquid part makes it look lovelier.

3. A Youthful Scent of Dior

Dior always has a great place in our hearts, above all designer brands of perfume Dior has one of the best fragrances. They are also one of the best gifting perfumes you can buy for others since no one can hate these amazing perfumes.

Christian Dior Holy Peony

An all-time favorite flower scent of perfume, the smell of this will naturally have a flower scent; however, if you don’t love floral scent you can still have it because its scent is not overpowering and incredibly pretty and light.

Miss Dior Eau De Parfum

This perfume reveals the feminine side and sensual floral fragrance which combines the beauty of the rose and the boldness of the Damascus rose. The bottle has a ribbon wrapped on it which makes it look cute and pretty.

J’adore Eau De Parfum

It has an original scent of perfume; it is also effortlessly seductive and gives an essential floral fragrance. A very mature fragrance is suitable for a mature and grown woman is present in this bottle of perfume from Dior.

4. Long Lasting Fragrance of Montblanc 

Montblanc is like a multipurpose perfume, you can use it wherever you go like going on a date, office, or even hanging out with friends. It has a long-lasting fragrant and amazing scent.

Montblanc Femme Individuelle

Here are some of your Montblanc feminine perfumes, every spray of this perfume gives a long-lasting fragrance that smells like a pink fruity-floral mint. When you are walking in street the scent of this perfume is spreading everywhere. This perfume is versatile since you can use it anytime because it fits warm or cold weather and any other season. It will increase your feminine look, and that is one of the facts that because of it, a man gets attracted to women.

Signature Eau de Parfum

This perfume is perfect for daytime it has a scent of floral intensified with the rich base of vanilla, this perfume is attractive since it is said that vanilla has natural aphrodisiac effects that cause men to get attracted to women wearing it. This perfume has an amazing vibe and freshness that every person who smells the scent of this perfume will have an amazing sensation and feeling.

5. Loving the Smell of Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang perfume princess is like a magical perfume since the bottle of this perfume is like a piece of jewelry and look like an elixir in fantasy movies and a shape of a heart with a wonderful scent like cotton candy, fruity, vanilla, sweet,  tropical, and a little bit touch of dark chocolate. This perfume fits in every party like hanging out with your friends and on every occasion because this perfume will give you a fresh vibe and it has a long-lasting fragrance.

Judging the perfume by just swatching it in your hand or in the paper is not enough and kind of hard since the smell will fight. The best way for you to do this is to read some recommendations and reviews of the different products. Choosing perfumes for others is kind of difficult and challenging since you don’t know what their personal preferences are and choosing a gift should come from your heart.


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