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5 Tips for Keeping Makeup with Face Mask

The past year and most of this year has been a massive change for literally everyone in the world, with the pandemic hitting hard in almost every country in the world. We spent months inside our houses without being able to leave, unless it was just for groceries and other important stuff. Most, also probably gained weight. It was definitively a huge change for all of us.

This year is the year where also most of the world is starting to go back to the most similar thing to the old normal. Most people in most countries are getting their vaccines and most restrictions are finally loosening.

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Of course, during 2020, the actual use of makeup decreased since leaving the house wasn’t allowed and work became a home office. In this case, sometimes wearing makeup was needed for important meetings and presentations. But, in general, nobody was thinking to have a full makeup face that was going to end up hidden under a mask.

Probably, most women simply added a bit of concealer under their eyes and a great mascara on their eyelashes to look good and that was it if they were leaving the house. But with 2021, the vaccines and almost being back to normal, more events are happening that really call for a full face of makeup but also having to still use a mask.

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Sadly the pandemic is not over, and even with the vaccines, new variants of the virus keep appearing that are way more contagious, which makes using a mask still mandatory in most countries, and in some others, even having to wear double masks.

If you need to have your face looking good with amazing makeup, either made by you or paid for, here are 5 tips to keep your makeup while using your face mask:

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Start by prepping your skin

Skincare is vital not only for the overall health of your skin but it is also vital for your makeup routine. And it even becomes more important if you want to avoid masking. Yes, the acne that you’ll get by the constant use of the face mask. It is important to have a skin-nourishing routine and taking care of it especially during the night when you’re not wearing the mask. You can use a glycolic acid serum before bed, then vitamin C serum, and face cream that doesn’t irritate during the day. This will have your skin prep for your makeup.

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Foundation & concealer should be set around your mask

Wearing a mask over heavy makeup formulas is said to interfere with the humidity under it and affect the skin’s sebum production, which leads to clogged pores and also breakouts. If in general you can avoid wearing foundation or concealer while wearing a mask, do it. But if you for sure have to do it, it is recommended that you use light coverage makeup and use translucent setting powder or a setting spray. These will be an extra protective barrier between your mask and your makeup.  

Use neutral lip shades

Since your lips will be hidden by your mask, some people might decide to just not to wear any lipstick. But if you do want to wear one, even knowing that it will transfer, it is recommended that you avoid bold colors and go for subtle nude tones that will also offer hydration to your lips.

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For the eyes, even if these are not covered by your mask, it is important to accentuate them, since they are the most visible area of your face now. You can use waterproof liquid eyeliner to achieve this, and also lots of mascara. But don’t forget to prime and curl your eyelashes to make the eyes pop.

Invest in silk masks

It is preferable that you use silk masks over cotton or any synthetic-blend mask. This fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and also cooling and absorbs less moisture, so it doesn’t really dry out your skin. It is also a great option as a precaution to make, whether you are wearing makeup or not.

What do you think of these tips? Where are you following them already?


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