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5 Fragrances That Girls Like, Do You Have Them?

The first impression is the best impression. Many of you must have come across this phrase and women tend to strongly believe in it. Your first interaction with a female can either make or break your future endeavors to please her. One of the few first things that females notice is your scent or fragrance. When you lean in to whisper in her ear or move forward to give a hug, your scent lingers in the air. Here are some popular fragrances that women love on men. How many of them do you already possess?


You can sense the presence of rosewood in this smoky perfume for men. It has a character of its own and a mysterious aura that every girl will love. Men need to be exotic for females to like them. This scent depicts the same with its blend of spiciness and a sweet sandalwood touch.

Nautica Voyage

If your girl is someone who loves the waters, the fresh feel of the beach and the breeze that the waves bring in, she will inevitably fall for this fragrance. It has a mild aquatic scent mixed with a sweet backdrop. The company is known for quality products and this is a definite buy.

Creed Aventus

The scent of this perfume lingers in the air even after you leave. It has a strong impression on the opposite person. Maybe that is why women prefer this a lot on men they like. It has a bold touch, prominent fragrance and emphasizes the male confidence that women fall for.

Man Intense – Jimmy Choo

The intense nature is not in the smell but in the impression that it leaves. It has a unique scent that is very masculine. It has a bold odour, a mysterious aura and people often describe it as being inclined towards sweet mellows.

Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue

The bottle has an impressive design and the fresh citrus smell will make you fall in love with it. The fragrance is suitable for both your formal meetings and casual hangouts. Balancing between being crispy spicy and sweet citrusy, the fragrance is a hit among the female admirers.


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