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8 Ways on How to Get Supermodel’s Off-Duty Looks

Supermodels are the people we mostly look up to when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Whether they’re doing their catwalks on the runway or running errands with their pictures being taken by the paparazzi, we can’t deny the fact that they look flawless and fashionable the majority of the time.

They have this sophisticated and naturally stylish vibe about them, that no matter what they’re wearing, it always looks put together. If you too are wondering how to achieve a naturally stylish and beautiful look wherever you go, follow these simple tips:

Learn to Love your Natural Beauty

On the runway, and during magazine shoots, models are always in different make-up looks and crazy hairstyles. This is why when they’re not working, a lot of them look bare-faced with little to no makeup. Despite the minimal presence of make-up, they look stunningly flawless and beautiful.

Taking extra care of your skin will make it easy for you to go out without putting on much makeup. Never forget the essentials for your skincare such as moisturizer, eye serum, and sunscreen. Keep your lips moisturized always with a lip balm with high SPF.

If you want to look even more flawless, you can master the art of no make-up makeup look. To start, all you need is a concealer and a little bit of powder foundation. The key to this make-up look is to look as natural as possible while covering some blemishes here and there for a flawless look.


Crop It!

If you’ve seen photos of top models such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber, you would often notice that they love to wear crop tops. Crop tops can give definition to the waist while making the legs look elongated. Wearing a crop top is an easy way to look slimmer and taller.


Incorporate a Few Trendy Pieces

Models get gifted a lot of trendy clothing from different brands. This is why wearing trendy and new clothing isn’t difficult for them. They’re often seen with basic pieces with a few luxurious or trendy pieces in their outfits.

You too can make a statement look by wearing basic clothing items mixed with statement accessories and clothes. Mixing and matching basic and trendy pieces can make your outfits look put together.

Brushed wool knit cardigan

Play with Oversized Blazers and Jackets

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are both known for their amazing street-style outfits. They’re often seen wearing baggy pants, oversized jackets, and huge sweaters. Despite the big sizing, this doesn’t seem to affect how stylish they look.

This is because they know how to play around with oversized clothing pieces by matching them with the appropriate accessories, and choosing the right pieces.


Mix and Match Casual and Dressy Pieces

Find a balance between casual and dressy pieces for a personalized outfit. You can wear White long sleeves with ripped jeans, cropped top with a faux leather trench coat, or a Sweater in a leather jacket.


Try Wearing Monochromatic or Tonal Looks

When you’re unsure how to mix and match, you can first try monochromatic outfits to keep your outfit looking simple and sophisticated. You can start with a light-colored base layer and then layer with darker tones. As for the shoes, you can opt for a white or black pair for neutrality.


Wear Comfy Sneakers

No matter what models are wearing, whether it’s a dress or a pair of baggy pants, there’s one thing to learn: you can’t go wrong with a pair of white sneakers

A reliable pair of white sneakers will make it easy for you to dress up however you want. Whether you’re wearing jogging pants, or a gorgeous luxurious dress, a pair of sneakers is always a great way to be comfortable and chic.

Keep it Simple and Beautiful

Don’t overdo it and keep things natural. Find your inner style, and create outfits that feel natural to you. Be creative and mix with statement pieces. Ensure that you’re comfortable no matter what you’re wearing, and keep your hair and face always looking clean and fresh.

These tips will help you to look stunning even if you’re just running an errand, stopping by the bookstore, or getting bread in the corner. You don’t have to be overdressed to achieve a supermodel’s off-duty looks. Be natural, and creative, keep it simple, mix and match, and always be comfortable.


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