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Plus Size Fashion: 5 Outfits to Wear for a Birthday Dinner

As a plus-size woman, it’s not easy to find clothes that flatter which is why it’s always good to have ready-to-wear outfits in your closet that you can simply pull out anytime, and wear to parties, events, and special occasions. Whether it’s your birthday or if you’re attending someone’s special day, it’s always worth preparing and dressing up for.

Here are 5 birthday outfits that will flatter your curves, and make you slay whichever party you go to:

Bodycon Matching Set

Some would argue that wearing crop tops as a plus-size woman would draw attention to the stomach, one of the biggest insecurities of a lot of women. However, it’s quite the opposite. A crop top can give definition to the waist and can balance your proportions. It can also help in making you look more elongated, with the crop top giving the illusion of a shorter torso, but longer legs.

A long-sleeved velvet fabric cropped top, and a matching skirt is the perfect party dress for birthday dinner get-togethers and night-out with your friends. It’s sexy but classy.

You can accessorize with a pair of matching ankle boots, geometric dangling earrings, and a clutch. Then, you can put your hair up in a clean and sleek do.


Flowy and Fashionable

If you want to be comfortable yet still be party-appropriate, get this striped duster jacket and slacks for a laid-back look. You can wear it with a black or white crop top, or tank top, and accentuate your waist with a little silver or gray belt.

It’s a cool outfit that will allow you to enjoy the moment without worrying about short skirts, or uncomfortable tops. This is for the ladies who want to be fashionable without much effort.

This is most suitable for night getaways, birthday vacations, simple eat-out, laidback parties, or small gatherings.


Young and Fun

Get out of your comfort zone by unleashing your inner 2000s beauty with this inverted triangle top, and matching wide-leg pants. This is the ultra party dress that looks fabulous and not trashy.

You can accessorize this outfit with edgy pieces of jewelry, or a necklace with a big jewel pendant. This is an outfit that you can wear to a friend’s birthday, or to a celebratory dinner. It’s not too over-the-top and doesn’t take away the limelight from the celebrant.

This is a trendy outfit that will surely make you look party-ready.

Plus Size Satin Wide-Leg Pants

Elegantly Exotic

Are you attending a posh party or a soiree? Check out this Mara Hoffman V-neck outfit which would show off your beautiful collarbones, and elongate your neck. It’s one of the outfits you would want to wear to your own celebration, or to a formal dinner.

It features a minimalist and modern style that will make you look mature and professional. This is also great office wear, especially if you’ll be celebrating with your workmates.

You can accessorize this outfit with a pair of black wedges or kitten heels. Then, a statement necklace, and a pair of dangling earrings would suit this look well. For a more formal get-together, you can also wear pearl jewelry set to give contrast to the all-black outfit.


Fia stretch-organic cotton-seersucker top

Simply Gorgeous

Are you looking for a feminine yet rockin’ outfit? This pair of midi slit skirts, and V-Neck long-sleeved top is a stunner. This look features a strong and feminine vibe that’s ideal for a girls’ night out.

It can pass as business casual wear, especially if you want to have fun right after work on a Friday night.

You can accessorize this look with gold pieces of jewelry such as a pendant necklace, a gold watch, and a pair of long earrings. Style your hair with medium curls with a few side hair pieces to frame your face.

Pleated Satin Skirt

These outfits will accentuate your waist, bring out the beauty of your curves no matter your size, and make you feel party-ready! These are stylish yet comfortable looks that will make it easy to be fashionable yet fun!


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