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Alesha Dixon celebrates her 40th birthday with a swimsuit

Alesha Dixon started her 40th birthday celebration, and the all in one swimsuit womens filmed “Capture the essence of intenseness and vitality”.

The “British Daren” judges acknowledged through the social media platform that the month leading up to important days was “sentimental”, but she has learned to be more excited about the future.

She uploaded a trailer about the swimwear editorial and a frank title with Instagram [sic]: “I did a film two days before my 40th birthday to capture the feeling of intensity and vitality, not frustration and old!”
“The emotions that were born in my birthday are full of challenges for a number of reasons, but I have to say that now I have turned this important corner, I feel great! I feel relaxed and excited about the future!” “Pre-Mis-Teeq The singer wrote.

“It’s very important to change the shame and concept in my own mind first, think of those who are unfortunate and those who are not fortunate enough to see their 40th birthday. We must show up and pay attention to the blessings that really embrace us. I count every day. mine!”

In the image, Dixon shot a khaki thigh swimsuit with gold jewelry to complete the look.

Unsurprisingly, the fans quickly accepted this post and praised the TV judges because her posts were refreshing.
Someone wrote, “You can’t put it better, congratulations on your success in every way #keeppushingforward, this is the only way.”

Another added: “It makes sense! I am 40 years old next year, I hope to have this feeling!”

Although a large number of her followers expressed her expression with a compliment, they shared their suspicions at her age.

“You can’t be 40 years old, you don’t seem to be over 25 years old,” one wrote.

Another comment said: “You look amazing. I don’t know if you are over 40 years old! I understand the emotions around “the era” – I am almost there. But I really believe that we must ignore this number. And focus on nourishing our mind, body and spirit.”


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