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All Girls Should Try Jelly Nail Art

A girl could say that she is not into a particular aspect of fashion for many personal reasons, but that does not mean she would close her doors to trying something new. Many women nowadays are obsessing with nail arts; however, some are not that invested in beautifying their nails.

But as fashion evolves, nail arts have come a long way, invading the interest of many girls today. Jelly nail art is one of the prominent nail designs right now, so you may think about trying one sometimes.

Additional Elegance

If you are a fashion lover, the first thing you need to consider about your style is if it exposes your elegance. And elegance does not limit what you wear from time to time, but it also deals with how you maintain them. i

This jelly nail art guarantees an elegant look on your hands as it subtly shimmers, not stealing the attention of everyone but elegant enough to invite them to touch or hold your hand.

UV Gel Nail Polish 7.3ml Transparent Jelly Gel

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Additional Shimmer

One of the factors of having jelly nail art is the shimmer that gets the attention of the majority. If your nails shine the way you want, your hands will appear neat and clean.

Meanwhile, you can also use this beautifying glow oil to ready your nails to whatever jelly nail designs you want to rock for a moment.

You do not have to worry if it is long-lasting because it is. It does not wear out quickly.

Beautifying Glow Oil

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A Smooth Polish

If it is your first-time trying jelly nail art, you must have this natural nail polish from Bloomingdales to preserve your nail art’s colors and design.

This smooth polish will serve as the lock of all your nail arts while never compromising your nails’ shades or any designs.

It would also be best to note that the thicker the polish, the more superb it will look on you.

Kosta Boda(Shop at

Light Color’s Good

Jelly nail art lightens up your overall style because it usually features light shades that can be eye candy. If you want to add cute hues to your nails, you can always go with Dior nail polish.

The good thing about lighter colors is that you can explore and go out of the box to mix that tone with any outfit you want to try.

This product can be your nail best friend as it is long-lasting and not easily worn out.


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The Good Foundation

Like any other painting job, you need to have a reliable foundation if you are to try jelly nail art. This manicure set saves you from the hassle and invites you to enjoy your first ever jelly nail art.

The color of this set is white, but it is not something that intimidates the whole fashion statement. It can also serve as your plain canvass to start your ideas for your jelly nail art.

While it is true that some girls may reason that it is not their thing, it would not hurt to try out this jelly nail art for fun and fashion. After all, fun and fashion are a good match when you want to upgrade your style.

Round Pop-On Reusable Manicure Set

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So calm in the eyes

Each person has their ideal nail polish color that equates to their personality, mood, and interest. This is why you often see people brimming with confidence wearing red-colored nail polish. Thus, every accessory we wear is an extension of ourselves.

This jade-colored nail polish is so calming to the eyes and gives a new dimension to our fashion. It never overpowers your fashion statement but gently emphasizes your overall look.

It is well suited for ladies who love to stay fresh and look young with their nail polish.

Cirque Colors – Nail Polish – Jade Jelly 

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Try out new things

It is good to add and try something new in our fashion statement just like in our nail polish every once in a while. You should learn to get out of your comfort zone and explore any possible ideas that can enhance your knowledge about fashion and style. Probably, you’ll come across some unique trends that you can be proud of to share with your friends.

A good example is this jelly pink nude gel nail polish. If you’re used to creamy nail polish, probably it is the time to switch and try jelly nail polish. It will give you a new definition of what nail polish is as it is more subtle and sheer in the eyes.

Jelly Pink Nude Gel Nail Polish 6ml

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You have a choice to make

What makes jelly nail art so trendy today is that it is easy to make and accomplish with lots of ways on how you can style it. Have you ever tried having multiple jelly nail polish colors on your fingers? If not, then why don’t you give it a shot. This translucent jelly nail polish has many colors that you can choose from. Depending on your taste, you can have every color they have! It’s as easy as that. You may choose to have different colors of jelly nail polish on each of your fingers. Try it, it’s fun to have.

Translucent Jelly Nail Polish

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Layer it down!

Jelly nail polish/art stays a long time in your fingers without chipping or cracking. If a given situation happens, you can simply put on multiple layers of jelly nail polish on it. Having this kind of nail art is practical and low-maintenance. Talking about proven and tested long-lasting jelly nail polish, then this play nail jelly from is a good investment.

Play Nail Jelly – 2 Colors

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Having an option to work with your nail using these jelly nail art ideas will empower you as a woman in terms of beautification. It is always better to go “out of your comfort zone” and “explore new things” about nail polishes to widen your knowledge of what you already know!


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