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Back-to-Office Essentials for Your Daily OOTD!

Going back to the office can be daunting. The early wake-up time, dressing up, the traffic, high gas prices, and even the pollution in the midst of an ongoing pandemic can be stressful enough. Working from home has been such a comforting and easy lifestyle, especially with what’s going on in the world. However, due to business needs, some things need to change.

One of the only advantages of going back to work is having the opportunity to experiment again with your everyday office outfits. Before you go back to the office, ensure that you have these fashionable essentials to make working outside more fun and interesting.

Purple Braided Sandals

Instead of wearing a boring pair of black, nude, or brown sandals, draw attention to your shoes by getting a sweet purple-colored braided sandal that you can wear for a change. Since we are transitioning to a new way of living with pandemics. We might as well wear something new for a fresh breath of air.

Change the way you style by giving more attention to colored shoes, especially a pair of braided square-toe sandals that are very trendy this season. You can even include a cute little anklet to match your bright-colorer shoes.

Paily Braided Sandal


Office Tote Bag

Be well-prepared to carry all the documents, laptops, and essentials so that you never lack anything while working. The Trellis tote bag has enough capacity to store most of the work essentials you can think of such as:

• Journal

• iPad/Laptop

• Water Bottle

• Make-up Kit

• Wallet and Keys

• A cardigan

Having just one bag to fit all your necessities makes it easier to be organized and wastes less time trying to find where your things are.

Trellis Tote Bag

Floral Scarf

No matter what you’re wearing, elevate your style with a large floral scarf that you can tie around your neck, use as a head scarf or headband, or use as a body wrap when the air conditioning gets too cold.

There are a lot of uses for a scarf, which is why it’s a necessity to have on wherever you go. Got spilled on your shirt? Use a scarf to style your top that makes the stain less visible. If the scarf is large enough, you can even use it as a top by tying it strategically.

Large Floral-Print Scarf

Holographic Make-up Bag

Don’t let your precious makeup items get scattered in your bag. A make-up bag will make it easier for you to grab lipstick, powder, or mascara for the touch-up you need it. Also, it makes it easier to simply just carry your make-up bag with you to the restroom instead of carrying your entire bag during your break or lunchtime.

You can also have a separate mini bag for your to-go toiletries such as a napkin, towelettes, tissue, alcohol spray, and deodorizer so that they don’t mix with your beauty essentials.

Make Up Graphic Makeup Bag

Faux Fur Laptop Sleeve

If you have a personal or work laptop that you need to bring to different places, ensure that you have a sturdy yet stylish laptop sleeve that will avoid your gadget room getting accidentally scratched by random items.

Check out these aesthetically-pleasing faux fur laptop sleeves that can fit a 15-inches laptop or your iPad. If you don’t have a laptop, you can also store your precious journals and planners.

Faux Fur 15-Inch Laptop Sleeve


Black and White Buttoned Blazer

Working in the office can be quite expensive especially if you are a stylish gal who likes her outfits to always be on point. Investing in so many clothing pieces, accessories and shoes can make you broke.

If you’re just starting to build your wardrobe, invest in neutrals like this black and white blazer that you can pair with a variety of tops and dresses.

Whether it’s with a crop top, a high low dress, or a mere tank top, you can use this blazer for layering.

Contrast-Trim Buttoned Blazer

Air Mesh Shrug

Make your simple dresses office-appropriate by adding an air mesh shrug that will not only make basic dresses stylish but also elegant and perfect for a more formal business setting. This is definitely an investment piece that you can accessorize with other tops and dresses.

To accessorize, you most definitely wear classier jewelry, neutral tones of shoes, and clutches.

Current Air Mesh Shrug

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Look like you’re ready to take on new challenges by wearing a cool pair of cat-eye sunglasses from Nordstrom. It features a faded black tint, gold tones, and 100% UV Protection.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

These accessories aren’t too expensive, and can definitely prepare you to go back to the office with class and style.


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