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Best Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Daily Routine

Vaseline is the most essential and basic cream to apply in the cold and dry winter season. It helps moisturize your skin by eliminating all the dryness and making it look lustrous and shiny.

No matter what skin part it is, lips, face or hands, or feet, Vaseline is the most effective in every aspect of your body, especially in the winter season when we feel the need for it the most.

Women are more prone to cracked lips and dry skin in winter due to the makeover they apply all around the year; hence to maintain it and make it look perfect, we suggest that every woman carry a Vaseline with them wherever they reach out and do their stuff.

Vaseline makes skin smooth and lustrous, but it also protects it from Harmful UV rays and nourishes your skin with being a light and shiny moisturizing agent.

To make it all clear and perfect for you, we will list the use of Vaseline in your daily routine in the best possible way.

So let’s get started.

Ideal Ways to use Vaseline in your daily routine

Moisturize from Up to Toe

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Vaseline is the best moisturizer for women as it helps moisturize the entire body and keeps you away from dry, flaky skin and cracked heels.

All you have to do is, after showering, apply in the effective areas or all over the body to see instant results with shiny and smoother skin.

Remove Eye Makeup

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If you don’t have any makeup remover or don’t want to have so, all you have to do is massage some Vaseline on your lips and wipe that mascara away using a cotton pad.

Highlight Your Cheekbones

Highlighters are pretty expensive to buy in the market, so when you have Vaseline, who needs the pricey highlighter? Just do one thing: apply some on the tops of the cheeks to get a dewy, light-catching look.

Manipulate the texture of your cosmetics

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Vaseline gets used to transform matter or powder products into essential creams. Combine the loose pigment with the jelly and customize it to create cream eyeshadow blush or tinted balm

Counteract Split Ends


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UV rays are harmful to your skin as it makes it dry and brittle, causing flakiness to exposure. So apply A pinch of Vaseline to the ends of your hair to add extra moisture and shine in case you arrive in the pool to protect it from the harmful chlorine.

Define Your Mascara


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If you have no mascara to give it a slide attraction to glasses, no problem; we have Vaseline by our side.

Gently apply a little jelly on your eyelashes and come through a natural shiny eye look.

8. Avoid skin stains


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The worst part of doing home hair or nail coloring is the unwanted mess it leaves behind on your gentle skin.

To prevent the issue, do a light coating of petroleum jelly around your headline or your follicles that protects it from dyes or polishes.

9. Prolong your perfumes

If you want your precious perfume to last longer with the beautiful smell that will make you feel beautiful, do one thing dab some Vaseline on your pulse points before spritzing your favorite perfumes.

10. Create a Diy scrub

Suppose you want to create a d I y scrub for your skin to look more gorgeous. Just mix one tablespoon of sea salt or sugar and a little spoon of Vaseline to make your exfoliant; put the paste on the area you want it and gently massage it before washing it. Shirley, after the wash, you get what you deserve healthier and glowing skin.

11. Keep Shampoo away from your hair

If you are a dry Shampoo user and it ended the day, you want to apply it one more time and save your eyes from the shampoos that irritated you. Just do one thing apply some jelly above your eyebrows and watch the Shampoo repel off the slides of your face and move away from your eyes.

12. Remove Chewing Gum from Hair

Suppose you are stuck with the chewing gum that got fixed in your hair. In that case, I have a solution –  when we are children, we are often hampered with this issue as an adult, but in this case, court the Gum and surroundings hair with a generous pinch of Vaseline and gently remove it, and you are done.


So beautiful women, this with the best ideas to use Vaseline in the best way and add a bit of moisture to your skin with its other various uses in your daily life.


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