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Black Suit+ Long Skirt, Looks Very Attractive!

When the wind changes its direction, and the cold, winter weather is finally changing for warmth. We know it’s time to plan on our spring wardrobe. Every fashionista loves and anticipates the moment when it will be finally possible to explore the lightweight outfit options, whether these are going to be casual wear or strict office attire. A great excuse for fruitful shopping, isn’t it? How about going for a classic skirt suit look for spring? The stylish options below will ensure you look attractive and stylish in your work ensembles this spring season.

Fashion lovers always misjudge the simple class of black skirt suits, but the beauty of this look lies in its versatility. The genius is always simple. If your to-go formal suit consists of a plain blazer and pencil skirt, then the finalizing touch would be a button-up blouse. It can be white, gray, or creamy, it doesn’t matter. The final look will always stand out.

Little black dress goes a long way. If the weather is too hot for jackets, layer an apron-like, pinafore dress over your white button-up shirt. The blouse and t-shirt work just as well, as the button-up, so you have a few options to choose from in the morning.

Plissé or pleated skirts are mostly worn or informal occasions. They are usually combined with an abundant amount of accessories, and covered with fun prints. But, we prefer them to look less screaming, and more manageable for work looks. A lightweight, flowy structure of beige, pleated skirt, paired with sophisticated velvety heels, and a small crossbody bag is the look you’ll want to try out.

Take your office blazer to the next level of class, simply adding a floor-length a-line skirt to it. As black, like the jacket, the skirt will create an incessant silhouette, that starts from your neckline, flowing down to the ankles. To balance this elegant look, wear open sandals, and minimum jewelry. Yet, don’t forget the waist belt.

Substitute the plain pencil skirt from the first look with a satin, leopard-print skirt. It has an endless amount of styling options, so why don’t we use it for office. Feeling adventurous? Switch the blazer with an oversized black jacket, and throw on flat sandals on top. Breezy and classy!


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