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Change Your Life: Dress for Success with These 5 Important Fashion Tips

How you dress says a lot about your character, personality, mood, even including your dreams, goals, & what you want to be in life. Have you heard of the phrase “fake it until you make it?” Attract abundance and success in life when you embody being prepared and dressing like the kind of lady you ought and aspire to be. Be the woman you see in the future by embracing the appropriate lifestyle and going for the gold with these fashion tips to dress for success:

1. Business Casual is Your Go-To Attire

Paisley Jacquard Cotton & Linen Blend Blazer The Cropped Essential Skinny


Business casual is a fashion saver when you don`t know what to wear. It`s basically a combination of being formal without looking over the top. Dressing casually with a hint of business-like can give you a more dressed-up and chic look. Simple accessories and clothing items can help you curate the most amazing business casual outfits.

Here are items you can wear with your basic clothes to make your outfits look more modern and fashionable:

• Structured Blazers

• Fashionable Coats

• Neutral-Colored Plain tops and pants

• Statement dresses

• Dressy Pants

2. Keep Your Make-up Light and Natural

You can be a diva with your make-up and go all out if you want to. However, during the days when you`re in a hurry and want to look professional and presentable, keeping your make-up light, natural and neutral will allow you to be quick in doing your make-up, at the same time showing the natural contours of your face.

Too Faced – Eye Shadow Palette

3. Heels are Women`s Fashion Armor

Heels, whether you hate `em or you love em`, we can`t deny that they can make your legs look slimmer, longer, and can make your clothes look proportionate.

High-heeled shoes are like women`s armor to face the world with a sharp and sleek form. If you aren`t a fan of heels, there are low-heeled shoes that you can wear without putting your feet through a horrible time.

Buy heels that you feel comfortable with. You can start with wedges or those with thick heels so that it`s easy to walk on.

Leather Tubular Strap Heeled Sandals – Beige

4. Plains and Prints are Stapes You Should Invest In

Erina Mauve Multi Stripe Belted Midi Slip Dress Little Bit In Love White Surplice 

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

Plains and prints will be your best friend when it comes to dressing up. They`re timeless, easy to style, and a great foundation for your base layer in dressing up. Their versatility makes them an elegant part of your daily wardrobe.

Check out the Vertical Striped Color Block Slip Dress that can give your body a sleek and slim look while making you look sophisticated.

A plain white dress with puffy sleeves can give you a feminine and soft look. From here, you can accessorize with metallic jewelry like gold, rose gold, or silver for an elegant outfit.

5. Work Anywhere without Losing Your Fashion Sense

Whether you`re working from home as an employee or a freelancer, or a full-time businesswoman, you can dress up according to the situation without looking baggy and lazy.

Not dressing up well can deflate the positivity and mood because of the aura lazy clothes can give. That`s not to say that you can`t wear your sweatpants and hoodies, but do so with glee.

Feel excited to wake up in the morning, eat your breakfast, workout, get dressed, get your make-up done, and do your best at work or for your business. There`s this beautiful anticipation for the day when you`re preparing for it with the way you dress. It`s like saying to the world, “bring it on!”

Business Casual

If you`re at home, a great pair of sweats would work fine! Check out Victoria`s Secret Sweater Sets that are trendy, cozy, and definitely stylish!

Even though you`re in a sweatshirt, you still look cute with the loose V-neck style. Put your hair in a cute and casual up-do, and wear a gold necklace for a sweet touch!


Kaia Sweater Set

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Whether you`re at your peak in life, or you`re on the way to the top, dress like the woman you aspire yourself to be. When you embrace success through fashion expression, you set yourself up to be exactly what you want to be. Dress casual or businesslike, never lose your fashion sense, and stand out with your unique attributes.


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