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Colored Faux Furs: 5 Trendy Models

This is a full-color winter and the 2022 colored faux furs fit perfectly into this trend. Soft, voluptuous, and sophisticated outerwear, very different from the usual down jackets or wool coats, is ideal if you are looking for a must-have that does not go unnoticed.

In fact, wearing synthetic fur with vibrant colors, such as pink, blue, green, and red, is essential to stand out and to give an extra sprint to your everyday look, even if it is super basic.

But which model to choose? On the tonality front, the choice is personal and for this, you could also rely on the color scheme. While, as regards the type of coat, we advise you to opt for something with which you feel comfortable looking in the mirror.

And now, let’s not waste any more time, let’s see together which are the most beautiful 2022 colored eco-furs!


Soft to the touch, soft, and very special, they make every look current and unique, decidedly trendy and intriguing.

Faux furs are now a must that every woman, or almost, has in her wardrobe. There are those who opt for a simple model, others for something imaginative and multicolored, with short but also long hair.

Without a shadow of a doubt, especially this winter, we have seen many models with vibrant and decisive colors, not just the classic black or the neutral of the new 2022 camel coats.

We give space, therefore, to colored eco-furs and, for those who love casual, comfortable, and practical models, we recommend the short ones.

There are essentially two types most in vogue: the bomber and the coat straight on the hips.

The short bomber-style faux furs feature a slight curl at the edge and are most often equipped with a hood. The closure is with the zip, even if some models with buttons are not lacking.

On the other hand, we have colored and short caban-style eco-furs, with lapels and straight silhouettes, which we can wear with any type of look, from the most urban to the most elegant.


Another category to consider is that of double-breasted colored eco-furs, therefore characterized by a closure that doubles on the abdomen.

The proposals that you will mostly find in the new collections are characterized by a single row of buttons, two to be exact, positioned at the waist or slightly above, for a more vintage mood.

There are also double-breasted faux furs with four or six buttons, for a more enveloping result and to cover more.


So far, we have discovered two models of colored faux fur not to be missed, and now we will reveal two more.

This time it’s all a question of color because there are some that, compared to others, have strongly marked the trends of the moment and will continue to do so.

On the one hand, we find the splendid 2022 pink faux fur, which we advise you not to resist if you are looking for a lively, rock, and romantic twist for your outfit.

But which pink point to prefer? The new faux fur coats have been declined in many shades of pink, but shock pink is undoubtedly the great protagonist of this season.

To these is added a very beautiful and elegant pastel color, which gives serenity and tranquility.

It is blue, which we suggest both in its clearest and most delicate version, just like the clear sky, and with some more intense hints, for a more decisive look.


We close our selection of 2022 colored eco-furs with the fifth model not to be missed.

We are referring to oversized furs, therefore slightly voluminous that seems to be one or two sizes more.

Here the choice is much wider because in practically every collection there are eco-furs and teddy bear coats in XXL sizes.

You will find models with intense colors and others less flashy, such as red, powder pink, and moss green.

You will find coats with and without hood, single and double-breasted, with oversized pockets or wide, square, or shawl lapels.

And, in addition, you can easily choose between short and long faux fur without distinction, preferring the one that best fits you.


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