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Fashionable Essentials in Pandemic

Nothing can ever stop us from being fashionable, not even the pandemic. It is indeed a kind of a dark time when we face these invisible opponents. And as the virus kept on plaguing us with new variants, fashionable items also mushroomed one after another.

Most fashion lovers believe that you can still be stylish no matter the situation in which you may be. As they say, wear your pain like stilettos. It means you can always struggle but remember to add style. We are in awe of how people get so creative even with the essentials we carry today in this pandemic.


Since many variants of Covid-19 rise from time to time, health experts advise doubling our face mask. However, they do not suggest using two surgical masks at the same time. Now is the best time to get creative with your style. You may opt to wear a surgical mask and then pair it with another fashionable fabric mask with cool designs. Other people use funny designs such as a big mouth or a celebrity’s lips

There are so many printed face masks with exquisite styles online. You can even find different designs and prints that can help you match your face mask with your usual outfits. Matching your protective cloth masks and your clothes is one way to make heads turn!


These transparent facemasks and those with windows benefit the mute, the deaf, and hard-of-hearing people. Using these masks, you can communicate safely to them as you do not have to remove them to read lips. These come in beautiful designs that you can pair with your outfit. Aside from that, you can always wear your favorite shade of lipstick as these masks allow you to flaunt it. Not only are you helping the deaf and mute to communicate with you more accessible, but you can also put on your favorite lipstick shades and show off your gorgeous angel lips!


Adult Smile Window Masks


One of the most prominent essentials in this pandemic is a sanitizer. These days, it is a sin to forget to bring a sanitizer because it helps you fight against the coronavirus. You can never be too safe, so always remember that “prevention is better than cure.”

Now, why is it on this list? It is because how you smell is how you express yourself too. Yes, the fragrance is a fashion statement. You can be fashionable with these sanitizers and hand moisturizers with nice-smelling scents. Since you`re putting on sanitizers, why don`t you get one with a fragrance that will give you an expensive and pleasant scent and aura?


We learn from the news and other interviews of medical experts that the Covid-19 virus tends to stick for quite a while in some items. Hence, using a waterproof purse is hitting two birds with one stone. It is because you are giving yourself a treat in your style, and at the same time, you are keeping yourself safe from the virus. The waterproof material is easy to sanitize by spritzing some alcohol or applying a sanitizer and wiping the dirt and bacteria away! You can always clean it from time to time, especially when you get home.

Molton Brown

Ted Baker Nicon Knot Bow Large Icon Bag


When it comes to gloves, we follow the same principle as to why we use waterproof bags. These gloves are easy to sanitize. It is safer to touch things when we do not touch them with bare hands. In addition, these leather gloves can add glam to your fashion statement.

Though some may say, it`s best to go out with your bare hands, so you don`t forget to sanitize and to avoid cross-contamination. However, you can also wear gloves to keep your hands clean and avoid surfaces that aren`t sanitized. You can sanitize your leather gloves with an alcohol spray from time to time to keep them clean. Though you might want to get faux leather, genuine leather might get damaged if you keep spritzing it with alcohol.

Leather Gloves

So, you see, we can be fashionable while being safe at the same time. Why would you pick one if you can have both anyway? This pandemic may give us a hard time, but we somehow turn the table with our fashion.


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