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Discover the ultimate shapewear for tummy control

Visceral fat is not just a nightmare for women. In fact, this can be a big problem that can happen to anyone, the thin or the corpulent. Excess fat that accumulates in the stomach can not only cause serious health problems but also spoil your appearance. This makes your stomach distended, and flabby and brings out ugly folds especially when you sit down.

Getting the appearance of a flat and slim stomach is not an easy matter. Maybe you have made every effort to diet but did not get the results you expected. This also happens to many women. Yes, you are not alone.

There are many reasons why it is so difficult to lose excess belly fat. It could be due to you choosing the wrong diet program, excessive stress, or having an improper diet. Relying on only one type of exercise can also hinder your efforts. Each type of exercise affects the body in a certain way. So, combining several types of exercises will help you get better results.

Using figure-shaping undergarments to help with diet and exercise is important so you can get results faster. Shapewear helps you burn more fat when you wear it while exercising. It also gives you instant results once you put it on. It will correct stomach folds well and hide excess fat to make your stomach look flat. It is made of soft material but can be wrapped tightly to press your body from the belly and hips, so you will look slimmer and curvy.

Shapewear has a lot of designs. Each design is created to provide different benefits and effects, this is quite important for you to consider before buying it. Well, you can use these 5 popular shapewear designs as a reference to choose the black friday shapewear

Let’s discuss them one by one!

1. Zipper Design

If you want to reduce the size of your stomach and waist in an easy and fast way, choose a shapewear with a zipper closure. The zipper design can hug more tightly in the stomach area and is not easy to slip. So you can wear it, both during sports and daily activities.

Shapewear with a zipper design makes it easier to put on and take off, especially when you’re in a hurry. That’s why the zipper is always on the front or side. This shapewear provides moderate to high compression, and this makes it very effective for tummy control.

2. Hook Design

Hook-type body shapers generally have three to four hook columns on the front. To get perfect curves, you have to button the hooks one by one. Although not as practical as the zipper design, the hooked shapewear bodysuit has excellent compression for comfortable tummy control like your regular undergarment. It can give you the results of a flat, slim stomach and smooth waistline as you would expect.

3. Abdominal Wrap Belt

The design is classic and easy to wear, you just have to wrap it around your stomach and waist area. Just so you know, this shapewear has quite a lot of fans because it is comfortable and versatile. The design is made to cover all waist sizes and the tightness is very easy to adjust according to your needs. For that reason, this belt can be used for anyone who is on a diet to gain or lose weight. It is also ideal for supporting recovery from abdominal injuries as well as after surgery.

4. Velcro Adhesive Design

Shapewear in velcro adhesive design can burn more fat because of the sauna effect it provides. It is very easy to put on and take off. You can also easily pull and tighten the belt to your liking to get the proper tightness.

Ideal for tummy control, the velcro-adhesive shapewear is often worn to support workouts and you can pair it with high waist shaping shorts for an even more amazing slimming effect. In addition, this shapewear is also offered in a comfortable vest design for the gym.

5. Bone Design

AirSlim® Lace Steel Boned Butt Enhancer
AirSlim® Lace Steel Boned Butt Enhancer

Adding bones to the shapewear undergarment is the best idea to make the tummy control feature even more effective. This shapewear will flatten your tummy, create a smooth waistline, and maintain your perfect silhouette as long as you wear it. The bones will keep the shapewear in place while you are on the move.

Shapewear with bones is often chosen for special occasions such as weddings or parties. Interestingly, this shapewear is also recommended for back pain and post-surgery recovery. Very versatile!

Choosing shapewear with the right design will make it work more effectively and on target. If you really want the best shapewear for tummy control, the 5 recommendations above can be used as a reference so you don’t make the wrong choice. Happy hunting!


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