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Do you Know Five Ways to Wear A Scarf?

Scarves are a must-have for cold weather. As well as making your outfit even cozier when thrown around your neck, they make your neck warm. This protects you from the cold wind and gives your winter outfit a perfect way to add something special. There are different ways for you to wear your skirt. Whether to knot, loop, or drape. How you do it will make a huge difference to your outfit. Here are five ways of wearing one.

1. Make a knotted loop

After wrapping your scarf around your neck once or twice according to the length, knot the tail ends together. Losing the knot to keep it from fitting too tightly. You can also twist the ends to hide them or allow them to hang down fully.

2. Make a slouchy turtleneck

Place the scarf around your neck evenly. Loop around your neck one of the ends of the scarf, then repeat for the other end. Tuck the loose ends up in the scarf inside. A classic slouchy turtleneck will be created.

3. Make a cute Neckerchief

To make it rectangular in form, halve the scarf twice. For a triangular form, fold the square diagonally. Take the two ends located on the triangle’s longest side and tie them around your neck. 

4. Drape front knot

Loosely roll up your silk scarf on the diagonal. Warp it up around the neck once. With the ends facing the front and loosely connected to one side. This style will produce a draped look that is effortless.

5. Belt it under a coat

By belting a blanket scarf under a dress, one perfect way to accentuate your waist is. Over your collar, drape the blanket scarf, let it hang in front, then wrap your belt over it at your natural waist.

Now you have tips on how to style them if you love wearing scarves. A scarf makes an excellent addition any time of the year to any outfit. The trick to keeping warm and in style is layering them. They are flexible as well, so you can change your look day by day. Besides, they are fabulous, feminine, and flattering, making them a must-have, arguably.


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