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How do you find the best swimsuit at the age of more than 20?

With the summer’s stuffy promise, what does lazy beach do, the salt on your hair, the sand and Internet break in your eyes, it is worth Instagram card. Of course, a spoiler suit, make you look good phone, feel better. But if you think swimsuit shopping means making two yuan between comfort and comfort, let’s think about it again.

Inspiration, as always, is not far away. The tiny Disha Patani often chooses the function of Instagram gold and her swimsuit, the trend sheet of the net, the vivid outline and the cute ass. Sonakshi Sinha, on the other hand, refused to succumb to the monotonous Tankini, but instead looked like a vibrant seal that kept her frequent beaches.


Remember what

20 means that you have a clean slate to be the person you want to be, so the possibility of plunge into it. Never repeat the same silhouette two – the untougher majority of the 20 – year – old BOD, because your choice is varied from one head of a shabby to a bikini. Speaking of fabrics, avoid the trend of old Lycra support, choose crochet and mesh inserts. Now is the time to play the drama, so that is from the metal decorative Beaded Halter Neck satchel.

Of course, the great swimsuit is great for accessorising. So we need a slogan “do not disturb” the soft beach cap as your perfect match for ootd. Cover up the update of the modern world, for your swimming pool bar sprint candidates include Crochet palace, pure robe and tie dye apron. Leave your earrings at home, and put them on a pair of sunglasses, so that they can rotate.

How to avoid

Not everyone can feel comfortable in the amount of bare skin, and the demand for traditional bathing suits is not for everyone. The key to physical activity is to make you feel comfortable with your body, which is exactly what it looks like, and then you can tell you wisely about what is best for your assets. There are two pieces with the bow bow neckline miracle, a smaller bust, while the Retro High Waist bottom promises to cover and tailor wit at once. Geometric patterns can help tone maps, and color blocking suits can shave off a few inches from your contour, if necessary. Finding a swimsuit makes you feel good, rather than trying to make your choice and the latest trend, and you won’t find yourself sitting all day or wanting to be safe to cover up.

Concentrate on ensuring that swimsuit selection does not cause any space to failure. Once you are in the water, you can’t control it, so when you doubt it, make sure that your suit is very suitable for you, making friends with double sided tapes. When shopping in the lab, the same importance is attached to function and fashion. The neckline on the bikini may look good on the model, but if you can’t move it without disaster, choosing a more fit neckline can better embrace your skin.

Are you ready for the sun and the sand? It’s not that we don’t have the most popular swimming now. Scroll through the size of your choice below the gallery.


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