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How To Look Sassy In A Temperament Dress

You must’ve already heard this fashion phrase before. A temperament dress. And no, it has nothing to do with mood swings and how that affects fashion. That’s a different topic altogether! But for this post, take a sneak-peek at stunning temperament dresses from Feelingirldress, along with how you can look sassy in them, day in and day out.

Sometimes, It’s All About The Prints

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A temperament dress has an a-line cut with a beltline that accentuates the waist and lets the skirt fall free-flow. It already has a cut that will bring your waistline under the spotlight while letting you look elegant and dainty at the same time.

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You can experiment with a wide range of designs, from floral to plaid, geometric to block-colored, bold, pastel, or metallic, the choices are endless. With a simple cut that fits any body type, let your personality be reflected on your dress’ prints!

Accessorize, Accessorize

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As with any type of dress cut, accessorize your temperament dress with pieces that will make you stand out even more. When unsure, simple is the best and safest way to go. On the other hand, if you feel like going all out, then choose dangling earrings, a necklace (Statement or otherwise), and a tote that will either match or contrast your ensemble.

Totes Waist Trainer-It

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Many still don’t believe in what this uber amazing item can do. A cheap waist trainer or a not-so-cheap one, they both do the job of smoothening out the lines and flab around your midsection for a glorious figure-8 body. Especially when wearing a temperament dress.

Shapewear bodysuits are also a good alternative for frocks that are meant to highlight your waistline.

Sun’s Out, Shoe-Up!

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A crucial piece, or pieces, we should say, with regards to temperament dresses are… drum roll, please, your shoes. Flats are good for the summer and for the beach. On another note, if vogue-ish class is what you’re aiming for, then raise the roof and raise your heels! In inches, of course. Go high and give your walk a spunk as you strut with a beautiful temperament dress on gorgeous you.


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