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How to Pick a Comfortable Breathable Shapewear for Summer

Shapewear is a type of undergarment that lets us make our clothes fit in a more comfortable and secure way. This garment is for every body size and not only women size 14 and up. Shapewear is worn to smooth and hold clothes in place, to add an additional layer of protection under skimming clothing, and last but not least, to make you feel supported. Contrary to popular belief, it can be worn in the summer too, as long as you find the right shapewear pieces.

Breathable Shapewear For Summer

Are you ready to find your perfect shapewear for your summer engagements? Do read on.

Shapewear Fabric 

Summer is hot and you do not want to be sweating under your clothes. Do look for sculpting options that are made from lightweight fabrics that allow airflow and moisture-wicking. This way, you won’t feel overheated and uncomfortable.

What shapewear should you avoid?

Shapewear that has a lot of fabric and is made out of heavy materials should be avoided. That said, garments such as shapewear bodysuits may look uncomfortable but that does not mean that it is not suitable for summer. If you really need something that offers an all-over soothing effect, you can opt for an underbust body shaper like this bodysuit. It instantly slims the body and hides all the bumps and bulges. This bodysuit is light, breathable and has a crotch buckle for bathroom convenience.

Shapewear You Can Wear Under Summer Dresses And Shorts

Instead of bodysuits, you go for a high-waisted shaper short to target your stomach and hips When the weather is hot, there is nothing better than wearing shaper shorts that are like second underwear. These types of shapewear offer control without making you feel uncomfortable due to excess fabric and heat. The body short cut design is very comfortable and fits under every outfit and remains. Made from a combination of spandex and nylon, this shaper short is soft and smooths your thighs, shapes your butt, and tightly contours your core. Another plus point is that you even wear it on its own with an oversized T-shirt.

Shapewear For Under Thin Clothes

This shapewear is designed with panty lines in mind. By that, it means that this shaper brief is specially designed to enhance, embrace and show off your natural assets by offering compression. This can be the go-to shapewear that you can wear with an everyday outfit such as skirts, jeans, and more. This shaper brief is super comfortable and fits underneath your outfit without showing so don’t worry about visible panty lines.

Shapewear For Low Cut Tops or Dresses

When you need some support while wearing your fancy dress or if your outfit does not have a high neckline, this shapewear bodysuit is what you need. Besides giving you an alternative cut, this garment also lifts and supports as a bra would. The double-layer mesh on the tummy offers to strengthen tummy control and the straps can be adjusted to your needs.  It also has 3 adjustable hooks and eye closures on the crotch for bathroom convenience.

Waist Trainer For Waist Training In Summer

Just because summer is here, it does not mean that you should stop waist training. A waist training regimen should be carried out all year round if you want to see the best results.  Although summertime can be a challenge with the extreme heat, it is understandable that you may feel uncomfortable. Most waist trainers are made with moisture-wicking material like this double belt waist trainer that offers the perfect balance of comfort and compression.


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