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Manufacturing Hate For ‘Made In America’

In Washington, DC, it was “Made in America” ​​for a week. You will think this is the reason why the two parties celebrate. Who can oppose the ingenuity, self-reliance and success of our country’s local entrepreneurs and manufacturers?

Enter Bill Kristol.

Deep-rooted Beltway experts laughed at the White House on Monday at the White House, and President Donald Trump hosted all 50 state companies to showcase their US-made products.

“Maybe just me,” said Cristall, “but I found something to make the White House an American tchotchkes exhibition hall.” (This is useless jewelry for Yiddish).


Told engineers at Hytrol, a conveyor manufacturer in Arkansas, who brought their mechanical display to the national restaurant. Tom Loberg, founder of Hytrol, began acting as an electronic component factory in the Great Depression during the design of naval turbines, hydraulic pumps and cylinders into the conveyor belt business, and improved the seeds of transport machinery and tobacco farmers The

Hytrol’s state-of-the-art products are now used by companies such as Amazon.com and Office Depot for the world’s leading pharmaceutical, retail, food and publishing group. As a pioneer in the material handling industry, Hytrol employs 1,300 high-skilled workers and will monopolize more than $ 200 million this year.


Told employees of the Pierce manufacturing company in Wisconsin, where the company exhibited 30,000 custom fire engines on the White House lawn. Pierce began as a car body shop operating from a converted church, now having a staff of 2,000 people. It produces the iconic air tillers, pumping units, tankers and rescue vehicles driven by the nation’s first responders every day.


Told Blake Waldrop, founder of RMA Armament from Iowa, a former navy and police who was inspired to create more powerful armor after losing Iraqi comrades in Iraq. His ceramic plates are also featured on Monday in the “Made in America” ​​event, purchased by the police department of Baltimore, Los Angeles and Iowa Waterloo. Waldrop is partnering to bring his products to the US military and overseas.

“I always tell people that I have not invented the armor except Steve Jobs invented the computer,” Waldrop told Des Moines earlier this year. “I just found a better way, just like him.”


Delaware’s ILC Dover also participated in President Trump’s “Made in America” ​​exhibition. Since the Apollo project, it has made every American astronaut wear a space suit. Abram Spanel, the son of a Russian-born Jewish garment worker, separates it from its huge latex business group, which separates everything from belts and swimsuit from food and lifeboats The

ILC Dover produced high-pressure suits and helmets for the Air Force prior to obtaining a contract with NASA’s design contract. In addition to demonstrating the space suit planned for the space shuttle and the International Space Station, the company also provided the White House with the DoverPac flexible isolator system used by the pharmaceutical company in its manufacturing process; its Sentinel respirator used in the health care industry; its SCape escaped the respirator To protect US government officials from carbon monoxide, chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear pollutants.

This is an abominable disgrace, D.C. infected with the mind, only the successful manufacturing of products to the United States can be the real power and shocks hostile. Patriotism was as incurable as Bill Kristol, who supported Duran Trump’s nationalist nationalism, and he supported Hillary Clinton · Hillary Clinton and foreign aid.

Is Trump and his family’s own company doing better in the United States hiring the United States and manufacturing? of course.

Can the White House freeze foreign workers at both ends of the wage level and put the American workers in the first place? Undeniable.

But the invitation of our commander-in-chief provoked that producers and job creators were proud to show off their merchandise, especially anti-Trump’s madness and arrogance in the national capitals.

“Maybe it’s just me,” Christopher made in the “Made in America” ​​week. The Road.

Yes, just you, Cristall, and other Beltway swamps “schmendricks” who put their nose in “tchotchkes” to help save lives, move mountains, and break obstacles across galaxies.

The rest of us praise and thanks.


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