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Mascara, Instantly Shape Your Big Eyes

You are lucky enough if you have got big eyes. There is nothing more fascinating for a girl who got bigger eyes as a god gift. Applying mascara can even give a good shape to your eyes. Everyone knows mascara makes a huge difference to make eyes look more beautiful and appealing once applied to the eyelashes. Mascara gives instant volume and pumps without any clumps.

 Everyday makeup industry and brands produce different kinds of mascaras with the advance feature, shape, volume intensity, color, and a lot more. Let’s have some guidance regarding the importance of mascara that brings instant change to the shape and size of eyes and lashes.

1. Mascara Wand:

Wands play a vital role in mascara. Various brands create different curvy wands, natural bristles, rubber bristles, and many more. Each gives different effects in volume and length to lashes when applied.

2. Voluminous Mascara:

Have short and light lashes? Add an instant volume to your lashes and make them appear bigger by applying voluminous mascara. Voluminous mascara can be available easily in the market of various brands. You can get high quality and affordable voluminous mascara from Maybelline and L’Oreal. If you want to go for a high-end brand then Mascara from Benefit real and Marc Jacob is the right choice.

3. Waterproof Mascara

Opt for waterproof mascara for a long-lasting hold. The best way to hold mascara for long-lasting wear and curls hold is to combine two mascaras by layering one coat of dramatic mascara and one coat with waterproof mascara. Before buying mascara make sure that it is super hydrating, voluminous and gives appropriate lengthening to your lashes.

4. Natural Finish Look:

Want to keep a simple, sophisticated and natural finish look? Polish off the natural eyelash look by applying black color mascara on the top lash and brown color mascara on the lower lash. This will amplify your look and give natural finishing to your lashes but makes a big difference to your look for sure.

So girls what are you waiting for? Polish your lashes with good and high quality of mascara to give a different and appealing shape to your eyes.


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