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Meet Linda Scott, a detail woman

Linda Scott doesn’t remember the last time she found herself attracted to a movie.

The film is a “hidden figure”, a story of African American female mathematicians who played a crucial role in the early days of the American space program. Women in the film are discriminated against and discriminated against in two ways: African Americans and women. The scene was familiar to Linda, for the memory of a long time had come to mind.

I worked with Linda in the West adult community center for several years and had meetings on Friday afternoons so she could turn the weekly gift shop sales into a Excel spreadsheet. She has been in the center for 10 years, most of them volunteers.

At different times, she served as a receptionist, bringing us together for three years, communicating and serving with friends boards as vice presidents of the two (four years). Not long ago, she had promised to make a replacement in our gift shop, and we could really use her talent. I think Linda is a very happy job: pleasant, precise, detail oriented, and committed to doing a good job, as a volunteer, who is paid.

Linda was a native, born on a farm in northern Eugene, where she attended primary and secondary schools. As the University approached, she initially thought of studying engineering at Oregon State University in Corvallis, but decided to attend the University of Oregon, where she majored in mathematics. Her adviser tried to persuade her to oppose the field and suggested a more appropriate thing for women, perhaps teaching. But Linda insisted on getting a degree in mathematics.

These are memories revived by watching movies. Still more. After graduation, she moved to Portland to apply for a position in computer programming. In the job interview after the interview, she was actually told that there was no job available for women in the field! Eventually, she found her first job, completed a new product inventory in Tektronix, and then entered the data. One was open to women. It was in the early 70s that before the desktop computer, there was only one system that occupied the entire room, which was an unimaginable time.

Later, she married and moved to Germany for two years. Her husband, an engineer, served in the army. They live in a small town called Gersfeld, in the eastern part of Germany, close to many ski areas. Here, they took part in many volkswalks, which was a non competitive group on foot excursions. It was soon exported to the United States, where it became popular. Walking, apart from reading and swimming, is still her favorite activity today.

Back in the United States, she was raising two daughters and volunteered to teach in a middle school. In addition to tutoring, she was quickly hired as a math teacher. She was still interested in engineering. She took many courses at the Portland Community College, where she became a math teacher. This is a post of Jantzen quality control specialist as a statistician and swimwear manufacturer (20 years) Then she stayed in the bookstore for a short time until she found her current job at the coin and currency counter maker Cummins Allison, mostly computer work (now nine years and several years).

When I asked Linda what she thought her greatest accomplishment was, she did not hesitate.

She said: “my daughter has been a strong, independent woman.”.”. In fact, as an engineer and another system analyst, they managed to thrive in a career that had been deprived of their mother. No wonder Linda is so proud of both of them.

This week the lunch menu features chicken roll, hummus, fried corn and peanut butter cookies on Friday, August 25th; Beef Stew, brown rice, zucchini and yellow squash and strawberry mousse on Monday, August 28th; chicken and wild rice soup, tomato sandwiches and cake cup on Wednesday, August 30th.


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