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Why does this brand become the next Lululemon?

Leslie Denby has been looking for the right sportswear retail business in her brother’s fitness studio in Houston, frustrated in Texas. She is a buyer of the studio’s clothing department, and although she sees many options, many people don’t have the fit or the style she wants.

Denby isn’t exactly a newbie. She has worked at Chanel and has had some experience in fashion. “I want to create a clothing brand that covers a lot of need for high intensity workouts, yoga on athleisure,” she says. Denby named DYI defines your inspiration, based on studio names, defining the body and mind. The track was originally sold exclusively in the studio, but the brand is now sold in 400 stores across the country and has begun to be sold overseas.

Her brand is called a Lululemon because of its DYI leggings. Lululemon has become a famous yoga pants. The quality and fitness of the bottom make the brand a superstar. DYI par Lululemon leggings. The high waisted Leggings make you need it and need to smooth, smooth place. But the belt doesn’t dig in. It’s really comfortable.

Denby didn’t spend the night here. “I do the first round of Leggings is wrong. She said, “I’ve been digging until I’ve found the right fabric.” Then she added her fashion expertise to the design and came up with a practical and pleasing product for women of different sizes. Leggings collection of the most popular in the DYI project.

It turned out that the line was manufactured in Losangeles, but the problems caused by the distance were more than necessary. She realized that many people in Texas had set up shop in Houston. She now has a 10000 square foot factory and employs 30 people. “We are printing fabrics, cutting, sewing and shipping all from one location,” Denby said. This is rare for a garment line.

Managing a factory allows the board to create a new collection every month. Small studios like the ability to quickly refresh stores. In addition, all fabric prints are designed on site and printed in organic ink. “It’s very special for our team,” she added.”

A local sewing factory also created not in Texas and began to Denby to make its goods lost. The factory also produces baby clothes and swimsuits. Other fitness studios are customizing the print tanks for her, as they prompt them from the top of the popular soul cycle brand. Her production group is called the inspiration manufacturing group.

“I don’t think it will happen, and I can’t believe I would,” Denby said. “This is an ideal job.”. I really wake up every day and think it’s amazing. When you have this itch, you have to do it.”


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