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Miss America does not have a swimsuit competition? No problem, Miss Alabama said

The trunk of Callie Walker’s Miss America competition is filled with elegant dresses, sexy dresses, kicking shoes and at least one comfortable jumpsuit.

However, one item was lost from her closet, such as Miss Alabama in 2018.


The 20-year-old Walker did not pack bikinis, tanks, two-piece or any type of toiletries for her trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

She does not need to participate in this week’s competition and ends the game with TV on Sunday. Earlier this year, the Miss America organization eliminated the support of its swimwear on the grounds that it feared that it would be objectified by the entrant – now known as the “candidate” – and did not meet the goal of “Miss America 2.0”.

“We won’t judge you by your appearance,” said Gretchen Carlson, chairman of the beauty contest board, in ABC’s “Good Morning America” ??in June. “We are advancing it and developing it in this cultural revolution.”

Carlson said that swimming costumes no longer exist to help Miss America reshape its image into a more modern and more powerful model, so that women’s strength and relevance for the championship is stronger. She said that the talent part of the competition will receive more attention and the evening dress section will be revised. A live interview was added to the agenda.

State and local organizations were allowed to retain their beauty swimwear segment this year – including the Miss Alabama Beauty Contest in June – but Carlson made it clear that women’s skin performance in the national competition was poor.

“We are changing our swimsuits and entering a new era,” said a tweet from Miss America. “#byebyebikini”
The transition to Miss America 2.0 is not easy, as beauty pagers, former winners and contestants across the country are working hard to solve the swimsuit problem. Is this a respectable tradition or an embarrassing return? The opinions are different and the people involved seem to be polarized.

Other controversies broke out, involving criticism of Carlson’s leadership and the current US Miss Caramond’s protests, which she was bullied and silenced by Miss America’s power broker.

Because of all the conflicts behind the scenes, becoming part of the Miss America is a tough year. But the current group of candidates is participating in a week-long event, from the preliminary to the public, to the annual Show Us Your Shoes parade.

At the forefront of the swimwear, Miss Alabama in 2018 seems to be making great strides. In a telephone interview with Atlantic City, Walker sounded completely optimistic about the lack of swimwear activities, saying that she was disappointed at first, but it made this sentiment far behind.

“Reviewing the past, yes, I saw the swimsuit competition very sad,” Walker told AL.com. “But this is not in my mind. I am very happy to be here to make my experience do my best. Sometimes it is difficult to change, but I must accept the change.”

Despite this, some candidates like Miss America in 2019 – including Miss New Jersey in 2018, Jaime Gialloreto – Walker has been exercising in the gym for many years, because she is looking forward to adjusting her figure like the swimsuits held in the national competition.

“It’s a bit disappointing to see that aspect of the game because we all work hard,” Walker said.
In Walker’s view, the swimsuit activity gave her the opportunity to show her health and health during the catwalk.

Walker said: “I never felt that I was being objectified.” “I feel that I am showing my best self, I am very proud.”
In addition, she also hopes to have the opportunity to compete with her mother, Angela Tower Walker, who is the former Miss Alabama, who won the swimsuit preliminaries in the 1985 Miss America Beauty Contest.

“She hurts me,” Walker said. “I didn’t have a chance to compare with what she did.”

But most importantly, Walker said she respects the decision of Miss America. Walker added that she focused on the activities on her agenda this week, rather than lamenting the events that have disappeared.

Walker said: “I just hope that I can make Alabama proud of my performance in the game.” “It’s great here.”


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