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Simple Earrings Suitable for College Students

Every college girl should have a jewelry box with simple earrings. They compliment your age. Leave the fork and spoon earring designs that you use to wear during your high school days. You are a class more senior, and you need to invest in pearl and solitaire diamonds. It’s your chance to try out various outfit designs, pairing them with fashionable earrings. Have a look at the following simple earrings suitable for you.

1. Stud Earrings

These types of earrings are stylish and classic. They come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. The unique feature of a stud earring is that it hugs the ear and typically situated right at the earlobe. Unlike other earrings, it does not dangle down. It has a removable clutch to secure the earring on the backside of the ear.

2. Drop Earrings

This type is more of an extended stud earring. Unlike stud, it offers greater flexibility in design, shape, and jewelry. It connected to the earlobe and hung down or dropped below the ear. Drop earrings are of different styles, including a series of pieces that hang vertically, hoops, or single pieces of jewelry. Some are considerably low while some are short and sit below the ear.

3. Ear Cuffs

An ear cuff covers the curve of the ear. Some travel along the ear curve, while some start from the middle of the ear curves down to the earlobe. They generally consist of multiple connection points. However, some are evenly spaced along the ear curve.

4. Chandeliers
Their name resembles the chandelier because they are similar in shape. They attach to the ear at the earlobe and drop down with numerous levels of decorations. They mostly form a teardrop shape at the end. Their fancy appearance is attractive because they comprise many jewels and ornaments.

5. Ear Pin

This is a unique earring for both perforated and non-pierced ears to wear. This is a curved piece of ear jewelry with a wire clip on its back and is also known as an ear trim. You thread the back wire through the pierced earlobe for those with pierced ears and move the piece up to rest on the ear helix. Slide the back wire onto the back of the earlobe for those with non-pierced ears while you place the pin against the ear.


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