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If there is something we had to learn during these months, it is to take care of ourselves, from the mental to the physical.

Whether it is exercise or a little self-care with skincare or yoga, and even learn how to be more artistic with our nails!

With the salons closed, many of us learned to look much prettier in our homes without having to spend a lot. They don’t know how many times I changed the color of my nails practicing different styles that I found on YouTube.

I always watched those videos but never tried them because not I’m very good at making them but what a surprise when they looked so pretty!

Many times we do not know that we are good at something and we do not try due to lack of time. Because we have many more important things to do but the color of your nails can express a lot of your personality.

And it is not something that difficult to do. Imagine all the styles that you like so much on Pinterest that you can achieve with just a little bit of your time.

Even for this spring that is always full of colors, it is one of the best moments to show your creativity.

Whether you like pastel colors that are always in trend in spring or a mix between strong and neutral colors to have the best of both worlds.

In this same trend are the French style but with any color you want, from red to gold and blue.

There are many trends in spring when it comes to nails but these two are some of the great favorites. Although there are many options such as flowers because they are always present in spring. These two styles are much more chic and perfect for any occasion or event that you are going to attend.

Many of the salons have already opened so if you tried but it didn’t fit the way you wanted. You can always turn to the professionals and you can show them these two styles and make yourself your favorite.


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