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The rise of swimwear: how brands exploit market potential

The market potential of water sports has been highlighted in recent ISPO, Munich, and ISPO, Shanghai, through the water sports village, which defines water sports as one of the hottest sports trends in the summer of 2018.

Experiencing water activity, interest rates will continue, highlighting the trend at the moment, appearing in the ISPO textrends, summarizing the summer 2019 consumer sentiment, the number of individuals experiencing more than personal property. Consumers will embrace travel, whether it is to go to the nearest coast in the car, or to more exotic locations in water activities, therefore has been increased in advance in the field of technical fabrics with interest in the development of sports inspired swimwear brand. This development is the development of brand associations, especially lingerie brands to enter the market athleisure sports bra, to the existing technology applied to a new market applications.

swimwear-manufacturer-ChinaSwimming with SkiCardo Paris, a swimwear brand for the fitness industry, offers truly chic swimwear and accessories, and has launched high-end collaboration with the ski wear brand fusalp. The result is four sports chic swimsuit, molded injection zipper capsule collection, waist compression fabric, nod the fitting ski pants soft shell

By Claudia Riegler D e N e reaz approved, alpine skiing champion Clementine Lucine in the water skiing world champion, visual impact and technical characteristics of the combined range. Sustainable development: from natural ingredients to recycled plastics, bottlessustainable applications, swimwear manufacturer China, water sports departments are increasing, pioneered by Patagonia environmental leadership, neoprene free diving suits. R3 silver neoprene free diving suit accepts ISPO gold medal winner for 2016/2017, using FSC certified rubber mixture, flexible and durable.

Plant silver gum reduces dependence on oil and makes at least 70 less carbon dioxide emissions. For the past eight years, the company has pioneered the use of natural rubber raincoats. Surfers and manufacturers can now choose plants instead of oil. 2016 / 2017.performance textile ispo prize winning gold medal winner now following and unity to launch a more sustainable recovery route, suppliers, the plastic bottle recycling fiber called REPREVE, Finch swimwear brand.

Finch’s swimsuit for women, men and children, is specially made from yarn fabric Repreve to provide natural UPF 50 + UVA and UVB sunscreen, without adding chemicals.

Finch’s signature photo is repeated after the season, Finch season is a new recipient project is a seal of approval, is the first ever China Brand Award, which is the company’s commitment based on transparency and build a sustainable supply chain. Finch designed is a brand with only three brands approved in winning swimwear categories, in more than 115 nominations. The complete packagewhile hardware becomes an increasing area in its own right from the plate kayak to an enhanced styling swimsuit opportunity, with sand / City clothing and accessories having potential growth. Brand featured models of the city of Paris and Interfiliere, lingerie and swimwear show, highlight this direction, sexy styling and technical fabrics, through the complete collection of accessories to define the overall appearance.

Brands are looking to promote the appeal of sporty styling and sexy elements. Create a strong look forward to seeing cutting-edge brands of tropical fish sports, fashion and ekena Bay mesh insertion and zipper teams with technical fabrics. The accessory is also available primarily with Susan Bijl, offering a new nylon bag and an extension specifically for the beach backpack series, her signature nylon shopping bag.

Adidas sees the potential of this market, fashion and sock shoes look good, knocking on the pavement is going to the beach of primeknit pull feature merge.

It is obvious that swimwear manufacturer China are shifting from stylish swimwear fabrics to combinations of existing fashion designs, but with added value of performance components. At the same time, swimwear brands are also embracing water sports, combined with sports lifestyle and high levels of performance.

Consumers are keen, whether involved in water sports or just part of the beach bar, where swimwear is mirroring the effect of athleisure on life trends in sportswear. Enhanced flexibility and adaptability to swimwear, fabricshigh compression in warp knitted fabrics and woven fabric features, providing mixed garment styling, core stability is critical, UV protection is the key. Protecting the sun appeals not only to the adult market, but to children as well.

Through the compact structure of the fabric, through the novelty of yarn and protective agent to prevent ultraviolet damage, so as to achieve the purpose of anti ultraviolet. Protection is also inspiring Swimsuit Silhouette, long sleeve, long back, excitation and print features.

What is clear is that the sports swimwear manufacturer China presents a new lease of life, embracing the key ingredients in the market, from super chlorine resistant spandex to recycled fibers and UV protection, but most importantly, have a stronger style. Fitness swimwear and Sporty FashionIt are more than just high-performance swimwear, embracing performance textiles, holiday swimwear, water fitness and surfing beaches, which seem to be in tune with an athletic inspired accent.

Want to see this market consumers are also doing yoga surf board, yoga mat and switch cycle development, summer interest growth.


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