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Reality TV star Chloe Khan Sexy Bikini Design by young entrepreneurs in Scotland, looks sensational

Half naked real-life stars and Playboy models, 26, were shot out of the Glasgow swimwear brand fruit ban.

Founder Lorna Stewart launched the business and may hope that her gorgeous works will be taken by people in Ibiza and Marbella.


She told her after the joy of some of the designs displayed by former X Factor candidate Khan and former beach player Che McSorely, 19, social media.

Lorna, near Glasgow, Giff Knock, said, “we only launched about a month and a half ago, and it was pretty slow to start until we got the word.”

“My main point is to connect all the blogs on Instagram. I’ve just sent them to all of them, all of them, because that’s a good exposure.

“I want to start the summer in Ibiza, that’s what I want to see when people wear my Bikinis night club, in pool parties, in places like Marbella, and gorgeous.

“There’s a Che McSorley wearing sequins on the beach in Ibiza, her Instagram page. Since she wore it, I’ve sold so much, I never thought it would be so popular.

“Chloe Khan really sent me text messages instead of other methods around. She said she took a picture of her, she absolutely likes roses, bikini and sunflower bikini, and if I can send her out, she will put my great image.”

Lorna, who was learning how to become a PE teacher, but gave up pursuing her dream of being a businessman, said to let her own personal style, after a lot of praise, she decided to let Bikinis nightclub.

She said: “I went to Miami for vacation, when I had girls every year, just kept coming up to me and asking me where I came from, Bikinis nightclub.” They are usually from Chinese online sites or swimwear manufacturer China, and they are not great quality or material.

“I realized I could do them better, and obviously there was a huge market. I found a girl who owns her own lingerie company. I don’t have a fashion background, but I’ll draw my thoughts. She’ll do this on the computer color I want.

“Then she bought me a swimwear manufacturer China in Glasgow. It’s more expensive to make them in England, but I think your products are of better quality. Each design is completely different from the other – everyone has one.

“Chloe Khan is a 34G and she orders number 14,” she said. “At her Instagram, it’s the best for her.”

There are five different varieties and 50 e 80 e from the online store between the retail fruit tour at Bikinis nightclub.

Lorna said that if her swimsuit business takes off, she hopes to develop a complete garment line.

She added: “some swimwear manufacturer China sell customized Bikinis nightclub by 200 people buy four or five of their holidays, but our most expensive one by 80.

“I just love the Bikinis nightclub. Once all this goes on, I think we’re going to start designing clothes, too.”


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